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Resurgence & Ecologist has a readership of approximately 30,000 people from all walks of life, and is available in libraries, bookshops and through membership subscription. Our research shows that the vast majority of our readers regularly read the advertising pages, and respond well to adverts for products, courses and services.

Copy dates

Issue Copy Date
Jan/Feb 1st November
Mar/April 1st January
May/June 1st March
July/Aug 1st May
Sept/Oct 1st July
Nov/Dec 1st September

Print Run

14,000 print run 9,000 distributed in the U.K. 7,500 by membership subscription in the UK.


By arrangement only. £120.00/1000 + VAT (Charities: rate on request) Inserts are only available in the UK membership subscription issues. Please contact Michael ( for more information.

Formats for print adverts

Acceptable Formats Minimum requirements
PDF Press Quality, All fonts and images embedded. OPI off. CMYK
JPEG/JPG 300 dpi. CMYK
TIFF 300 dpi. CMYK
Banner adverts for Resurgence Website Web ready JPG, PNG or GIF file format (no animation) maximum file size is 15Kb. Artwork for web banners (if not supplied) £60 + VAT. Banners must be purchased in conjunction with advertising in the print magazine. The banners will be placed on this page.

Classified Advertisements

£1.02 per word including VAT. Add £5.40 for semi display. Add £10.80 for web inclusion. 25% discount when you book three consecutive adverts.

Classified advertisements may not be accepted for a specific issue after the last copy date shown above. Late submissions may be held over to the next available issue.

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