About Satish

About Satish

Peace-pilgrim, life-long activist and former monk, Satish Kumar has been inspiring global change for over 50 years.

Aged 9, Satish renounced the world and became a wandering Jain monk. Inspired by Gandhi, he decided at 18 that he could achieve more back in the world, campaigning to turn Gandhi's vision of a peaceful future into reality. In his early 20s, Satish was inspired by the British peace activist, Bertrand Russell who was arrested aged 89 at an anti-nuclear demonstration. This prompted Satish's peace pilgrimage from India to Moscow, London, Paris, and America. Walking with no money and depending on the kindness and hospitality of strangers, Satish delivered a humble packet of 'peace tea' to the leaders of the four capitals of the nuclear world. Now in his 80s, he has devoted his life to campaigning for ecological regeneration, social justice, and spiritual fulfilment.

A world-renown author and international speaker, Satish founded The Resurgence Trust, an educational charity that seeks to inform and inspire a just future for all. He was the Editor of the charity's change-making magazine, Resurgence & Ecologist, for over 40 years, making him the UK's longest-serving editor of the same magazine. He continues to serve this publication as Editor Emeritus and by writing for each and every trailblazing issue of this much-loved and acclaimed magazine which has been described by The Guardian as the 'spiritual and ecological flagship of the environmental movement'.

Satish has been the guiding spirit behind several other internationally respected ecological and educational ventures. He co-founded Schumacher College which he continues to serve as a Visiting Fellow.

Satish appears regularly on podcasts and on radio and television shows. He has been interviewed by Richard Dawkins, Annie Lennox and many more. He appeared as a guest on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, Thought for the Day, and Midweek. Satish presented a 50-minute documentary as part of BBC2's Natural World series, which was watched by over 3.6 million people. Satish is the author of countless articles and books. His autobiography, 'No Destination' sold over 50,000 copies, inspiring change around the world. Through his writing, teaching and international talks, Satish passionately shares visions of the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

In recognition of his commitment to animal welfare and compassionate living, Satish was elected vice-president of the RSPCA. In 2014, he was appointed an Oxfam UK Ambassador and is also a member of the Advisory Council of the Gross National Happiness Centre of Bhutan.

Satish has been awarded Honorary Doctorates at the University of Lancaster, the University of Exeter, the University of Suffolk, the University of Wales, and the University of Plymouth. He also received the Jamnalal Bajaj International Award for promoting Gandhian values outside of India.

Satish continues to teach, run workshops, and write about reverential ecology, holistic education and voluntary simplicity and is a much sought-after international speaker and author.

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