Issue 314
May/June 2019

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The Path is the Goal

Finding transformative pathways


What The Waves Can Teach Us

The founder of the Tide School is on a mission to empower people through knowledge

Family Friendly Festivals: Yestival and Timber •

Introducing small, friendly festivals with nature at their heart

Kennedy Foundation Warns Against 5G •

Campaigning for a global moratorium on 5G

News from Resurgence •

Updates from The Resurgence Trust

News From the Grass Roots •

A round up of environmental news from around the world

Community News •

Highlighting emerging projects from the Resurgence community


Getting the Law in Order

Barrister and activist Polly Higgins on Ecocide as an international crime

The Lost Kingdom •

Following the route of king salmon down the Yukon

Restoring Life to the Great Lakes •

The story of the 12 Areas of concern

Earth Beings in the Political Landscape •

We need to shift our human-centric worldview

A Global Rebellion

People on the frontline of climate change are fighting back


A Civil Rights Movement to Save the Planet •

Extinction Rebellion proves that we are still capable of taking collective action


Wake Up, Conservation Movement! •

Chris Packham’s “People’s Manifesto for Wildlife” is taking on global issues

Hope for a Breakthrough Year

We need a new deal for nature forged at the highest political level

Pushing the Right Buttons •

Celebrating the legacy of Greenham Common and its relevance today

Ethical Living

Nature's Parents •

Parenting in the wild

Presence •

An encounter by the River Dart

Wonder on the Wing •

There is more to birdwatching than just watching birds

Just What the Doctor Ordered

The campaign Naturally Healthy aims to get people closer to Nature

Joining the Veggie Massive

Radicals have infiltrated the rockery

Activism is a Journey •

A much-needed dose of optimism

The Arts

Finding the Patterns of Nature

The work of printmaker Angie Lewin is inspired by wilderness

Writing the Medicine •

Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Walt Whitman

The Bird of Passage

The story behind the performance piece ‘Gone Cuckoo’

The Little Things in Life •

Science merges with crochet in an innovative arts project


Poetry - The Secrets of the Garden •

Delight in the poetry of Andrew Marvell

Letters to the Editors

A selection of letters to our editors


An 'Ecological Civilisation' •

Review of Environmental Pollution in China: What Everyone Needs to Know

Why We Should Make Life Simple

Review of Elegant Simplicity: The Art of Living Well

London's Ghosts: Past, Present and Future •

Review of Ghost Trees: Nature and People in a London Parish

Tools to Heal the Weald •

Review of The Land of the Brighton Line: A Field Guide to the Middle Sussex and South East Surrey Weald

The Final Final Countdown •

Review of The End of the End of the Earth

Power to the Pedal Pushers •

Review of Building the Cycling City: The Dutch Blueprint for Urban Vitality

Happiness . . . it's a Gut Feeling •

Review of A review of the ‘All Hail Kale’ podcast

Web Exclusives

Article - On the trail of arts and activism in the North Downs &

Discovering some of Surrey’s rich history

Article - Making music with nightingales

A very special performance

Review - To teach well, we must learn from each other 

Review of Education for Sustainability through Internationalisation

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