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A selection of interviews and recordings featuring Satish Kumar

Soil, soul and society: Satish Kumar at TEDxExeter

Renunciation: BBC R4 One to One programme

BBC Radio 4

Ritula Shah talks to Satish about the idea of 'renunciation' in the Jain faith. Satish explains his own journey to renunciation of both the material and the spiritual and why he ultimately rejected it as a way of improving the world.

Listen to it at the BBC

The New Story Summit, Findhorn

You Tube

Rob Garrity interviews Satish Kumar, who calls for a New Story for humanity - a story of reunion and reconnection across the spheres of education, politics and economics. Recorded at the New Story Summit, Findhorn, Scotland in September of 2014 by Rhonda Fabian.

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You Tube

Satish Kumar leads a short meditation at the beginning of his Earth Talk: Soil, Soul, Society, given at Schumacher College on 15 July 2014.

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Soil, Soul, Society

You Tube

Satish Kumar's Earth Talk recorded at Schumacher College on 15 July 2014. Satish's book Soil, Soul, Society is published by Leaping Hare Press.

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The Power of Ideas, TEDxExeter

You Tube

Satish Kumar on the power of ideas and a new trilogy: soil, soul and society, filmed in Exeter, April 2012 by TEDx. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience.

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Economy Beyond Economics: time for a paradigm shift?, London School of Economics

Our economy relies on stable ecological foundations, so why is ecology missing from big economic and political debates? Is it time for a new approach? Satish Kumar explores these questions in his talk Economy Beyond Economics recorded at LSE on 13 November 2014.

Listen at LSE

Merlin’s Diary, daily podcast

>Merlin's Diary, daily podcast

Barry Durdant-Hollamby and Neil Del Strother talk to Satish about his inspiration, Gandhian philosophy, civilisation, as well as his views on anger, fear and ego - how to overcome them to achieve a state of harmony and peace.

Listen at Merlin’s Diary

Watt Next Show


Dave Hampton talks to Satish Kumar on the Watt Next show, about Resurgence, Soil, Soul and Society and Buddhist Economics.

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Soul of Education by The Life Project

Soul of Education

A short film in which Satish Kumar talks about the current education system with it's emphasis on tests and exams, and the need to introduce a new perspective for the soul of education to flourish.

Watch it at Vimeo

Small Schools and Nurturing the Spirit in Education

Richard Waters from the School of Total Education, Queensland, Australia talks to Satish Kumar about his early influences, his educational philosophy, fostering creativity in children, and the benefits of small schools. Recorded in April 2010.

Available here

Satish Kumar inverview on BBC Radio 4 Midweek

BBC Radio 4

Satish joins Libby Purves on BBC Radio 4’s Midweek to discuss how his past as a Jain monk has influenced his approach to ecology today.

Listen Again at BBC Radio 4

Audio Clips at Traydio


A collection of audio clips at Traydio. Satish Kumar on Architecture and Climate Change, Resurgence magazine and Schumacher College, and What’s it all about?

Hear them at Traydio

A tribute to Mahatma Gandhi

You Tube

January 30th 2008 was the 60th Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination. Here Resurgence editor and ecologist Satish Kumar emphasises the importance of Gandhi’s message of non-violence in the 21st Century.

Watch it at YouTube

Other recordings by Satish Kumar

The Point of Return

You Tube

50 minute presentation of Satish Kumar speaking during his Australian tour in May 2007 (

Watch it at YouTube

The Spirit of Ecology

The Spirit of Ecology

Here, Satish shares something of his life journey that he says is not so much about its destination, but rather about the evolving spiritual process.

Hear it at Planetary Voices Radio

Slow down, go further

Slow down, go further

Schumacher Lecture by Satish Kumar.

Recorded live at the Cultivate Sustainable Living Centre, Dublin, Ireland on April 24th 2004 as part of the Convergence Festival.

Listen to the extract

A Spiritual Imperative

A Spiritual Imperative

The theme of the Bristol Schumacher Lectures was to investigate the meaning of the word spirit in an age in which materialism has drowned out the deeper meaning of life, and in which we have lost touch with nature. In the process of this undermining of the human spirit we have been discouraged from seeking to cultivate it within each of us.

Listen to the extract

The Buddha and the Terrorist

The Buddha and the Terrorist

“Once upon a time in northern India, there lived a violent and fearsome outcaste called Angulimala (necklace of fingers). He terrorised towns and villages in order to try to gain control of the state, murdering people and adding their fingers to his gruesome necklace.”

Listen to an extract
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A Green Manifesto

A Green Manifesto - video clip

Satish Kumar describes how present levels of consumption in the West are simply unsustainable. He examines the material values prevalent in much of Western society and envisages a greener, healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

See it at Big Picture TV

Beyond Deep Ecology

Beyond Deep Ecology - video clip

Satish Kumar explains the difference between ‘shallow ecology’ and ‘deep ecology’ — terms first coined by the Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess. Drawing from his Jain religious background, he describes what he sees as the sacredness of nature. He suggests how the notion of deep ecology could be developed still further to form a ‘reverential ecology’ that challenges the Darwinian notion of survival of the fittest.

See it at Big Picture TV

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