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An interview with Satish Kumar published in The Saiki Zine

You have been a peace activist for many years! What inspires you? more...

An interview with Satish Kumar in Yoga Magazine

YOGA Magazine caught up with a renowned peace pilgrim, pioneer of Indian spirituality in the West, and one of the major trailblazers of the UK environmental more...

Renewed Resurgence

Chris Yong interviews Satish Kumar for Colour of Money magazine published by Triodos more...

Media attitudes to the environment need to change

Ian Burrell interviews Satish Kumar for more...

Friends of the Earth, interview with Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar talks to FoE about life, happiness, fear, inspiration and his greatest more...

First Person: Satish Kumar

Satish recounts his 8,000-mile walk for peace, 50 years after the event. Article by Viv Groskop, published in the Financial Times, 05 May more...

Celebrating vegetarianism

Annette Pinner interviewed Satish Kumar and discovered why he believes vegetarianism is fundamental to a holistic more...

Five-Minute Interview

Donna Duggan talks to Satish Kumar about idealism and inspiration on behalf of Mind Food more...

Satish Kumar and His Life of Reverence by Jong-Chul Kim

Satish Kumar’s daily life is a healthy and respectable pattern of life, as rarely seen more

In Honour of Satish Kumar by Dennis J Kucinich

Proceedings and debates of the 109th Congress, second edition, [United States] House of more

Making Peace With Nature by Kathy Litchfield

Interview with Satish Kumar prior to his keynote address at the NOFA Summer Conference: Debate on Alternative more

Articles written by Satish Kumar and published elsewhere

A meditation on LAND

A talk given by Satish Kumar at the Oxford Real Farming Conference, January 2023. ... read more

Why my 8,000 mile walk to meet Martin Luther King was worth it

Satish Kumar walked 8,000 miles to spread the message of peace around the world. Here he gives his recipe for a better more...

Dreaming Mallorca

Visionary ideas emerge from a unique gathering of ecologists, activist and local people focused on creating a sustainable more...

Worshipping the Wrong God

Day and night we chant the mantra of profit while our environment lies in ruins, and ethics and our principles of justice are more

Focus on Food

Food is a microcosm of the macrocosm. Eating the right food is part of the solution to the problems of climate change and global more

Caring for Our Planet

We can make the world a better place, but it is up to all of us to effect change and make our voices more

Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi held no office, pursued no career, yet, millions of people around the world are captivated by his life and his more

My Favourite Walk

From Shipload Bay to Spekes Mill Mouth: contribution for BBC Wildlife more

Jain Religion

All living beings, human and other-than-human, have an equal right to more

Learning from Nature

When human beings consider themselves to be the masters of the earth and have dominion over it they are more likely to abuse it and exploit more

E F Schumacher

Schumacher encapsulated an alternative world-view in his collection of essays, Small is more

Articles written by Satish Kumar and published in Resurgence

Articles written by Satish Kumar and published in Resurgence magazine are indexed here...

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