Pitching Your Article

Thank you for getting in touch with Resurgence & Ecologist. Here are a few things to remember when pitching your article.

We are a very small team and all work part time. To help us, please keep your pitch short and succinct so that we can make a decision about your suggestion with as few clicks as possible.

The magazine is bi-monthly and is in the readers' hands for two and a half months, which means that we have to be careful about topicality. We are unlikely to run an article on a news event that happened several months previously, for example.

We are keen to hear from people who understand the values of the magazine and want to contribute to our message. To help us, please think about which section of the magazine would best suit your article and read through our article archive to see whether/how we have covered the topic before.

Example Pitches

Ecologist Section

Growing demand to tackle food security in Shetland: As an island with harsh weather conditions, Shetland is hugely reliant on imported food. However, a group of organic vegetable growers are trying to change that. Using plastic from recycled salmon farms to assist their growing methods, they are supplying local shops with organic vegetables and teaching people how to grow their own. It's a significant move for the small island population, which benefited greatly from the oil boom in the 1970s and now faces huge challenges with building a just transition to renewable energy. The article would include interviews with... [experts related to the story].

Wisdom and Wellbeing

Letters to the Earth interview: The Letters to the Earth campaign has become a powerful expression of people's connection with the rest of the living planet. The article would include an interview with one of the founders and would look at the importance of featuring the voices of people who are not usually heard.


Seeding Change: Five artists are responding to global efforts to save plants from extinction. An exhibition of their work is being held at the So-and-so Gallery on 25 December 2021. The piece would look at the role of art in communicating the urgency of the climate crisis and how art connects people with Nature, and would include interviews with the curator and some of the artists.

Please email your pitch to [email protected]

Thank you, and we look forward to reading your pitch!

The editorial team Resurgence & Ecologist

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