Until something exists by name, until we can name it, I am not sure it exists. Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone have named it and have spoken articulately and clearly about the impending collision with catastrophe should humanity continue to believe in a future that cannot exist based on the current models of progress.

Firstly the book offers a no-nonsense audit of where we all currently stand. Really, I think what we all have coming is a polarisation between those of us who feel morally obliged to live sustainably in a manner that honours all species, and those who don’t. This book inhabits the space between those two differing perspectives and provides a map of hope for those who feel worn down by the politics of indifference and the numb myopia of anthropocentrism.

Each of the chapters ends with a practical set of suggestions leading us to engage more spiritually with the issues we are all set to face. This book, more than any other, with its threading of the practical and spiritual is inviting us to dare to hope in what is a new humanity.

It is both important and timely and I would invite all who are reading this to go online and order two copies, one to read and one to give to someone you love.

Peter Owen Jones is an Anglican priest, a BBC presenter and an author.