This extraordinary book is a model of incandescent leadership, inspiring us to imagine a different kind of world and the means of bringing it into being. Packed with precise and fascinating detail as well as many moving human stories, it carries the power to move us from ignorance and paralysis to informed, dynamic action. The causes and effects of climate change and the unbalanced culture and values contributing to them are now indisputable, but here they are explored in a clear and accessible way, offering an agenda for practical action that could halt the Sixth Great Extinction now in progress.

Scilla Elworthy’s own life has been lived with extraordinary courage and a visionary commitment to the service of others, as well as to her own inner transformation. Assimilate her wise and urgent message and discover your innate potential to become an awakened human being, participating in the change of consciousness directed towards rescuing this planet and future generations from the calamitous effects of our ignorance.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu writes: “Let this book wake you up to your own inner power – the capacity now required to help resolve global problems and build a world that works for all.”

Anne Baring is the author of The Dream of the Cosmos: a Quest for the Soul.