The last in our first series of Resurgence Talks will be held in London on 22 November, when Jeremy Leggett, social entrepreneur and writer, will discuss the many facets of solar energy in ‘The Solar Civilisation, Renaissance and New Despotism’. The talks, held in collaboration with London venue 42 Acres, are inspired by the ideals of the Resurgence Trust on a range of issues including the environment, activism, social justice, arts and ethical living.

Next year’s programme begins on 31 January, when Satish Kumar, editor emeritus of The Resurgence Trust, will host the talk ‘Soil, Soul, Society’.

On 28 February, Rachel Kelly, author of The Happy Kitchen, will discuss ‘How to Walk on Sunshine’.

On 28 March, Jonathon Porritt, environmentalist and co-founder of Forum for the Future, will speak on ‘Re-purposing the Green Movement’.

On 25 April, the biologist and author Rupert Sheldrake will talk on ‘Science and Spiritual Practices’.

On 30 May, Colin Hines, convenor of the Green New Deal group and author of Progressive Protectionism, will discuss The Way, the influential book written by Teddy Goldsmith, founder of the Ecologist.

On 27 June Satish Kumar will talk on ‘Elegant Simplicity’.

Lastly, on 25 July, just before the summer break, Patrick Holden, founding director of the Sustainable Food Trust, will consider the question ‘What Should I Eat to Be Sustainable and Healthy?’

Tickets for these talks are £10 each.

For more information and to book a place, please visit

Sharon Garfinkel is the Fundraising Manager at The Resurgence Trust.