Kim Preston

  • Jellyfish

    Kim Preston - Jellyfish
  • Coral

    Kim Preston - Coral
  • Box Jellyfish

    Kim Preston - Box Jellyfish
  • Jellyfish

    Kim Preston - Jellyfish
  • Whale Sharks

    Kim Preston - Whale Sharks
  • Plastic Pacific

    Kim Preston - Plastic Pacific
  • Kim Preston - Jellyfish
  • Kim Preston - Coral
  • Kim Preston - Box Jellyfish
  • Kim Preston - Jellyfish
  • Kim Preston - Whale Sharks
  • Kim Preston - Plastic Pacific

The marine menace from our homes

Kim Preston is a web designer and illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. She trained in fine art before entering a career in digital design, with a focus in recent years on photography.

In her series Plastic Pacific, Preston transforms seemingly innocuous household objects into sea creatures, making a stark point about the devastating impact of plastic and other pollution in our oceans.

The title refers to the Great Pacific garbage patch, a highly concentrated area of small pieces of floating plastic in the Pacific Ocean.

Images from the series feature in the article There's a Way, Now We Need the Will by Oliver Tickell in Issue 305 of Resurgence & Ecologist (November/December 2017).

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