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Reprint Permissions

Most articles featured in Resurgence / Resurgence & Ecologist magazine and on this website are available for reprint.

A small fee is payable if the article is to be used for commercial purposes.

If the article is for non-commercial or charitable purposes, for example, a reprint by a registered charity or voluntary organisation or for a community newsletter, dissertation or leaflet, then no fee is payable but permission is still required.


For all licensing enquiries please complete the form below or contact us directly at When requesting permission to reprint by email please include the following information: title, author, issue number, date and details of publication. We will issue you with written permission and a Word document of the requested article.

Reprint permission request

I am interested in reprinting the following article:

I want to reprint the article in the following publication:

We will send further information regarding terms and conditions for the article concerned.

If you have any queries that this form does not cover, please email