Slow Sunday Creative

Space for Creativity

The theme for our next Resurgence Slow Sunday is finding space in your day for creativity and inspiration and takes place on 30 August. On this day we want you to treat yourself by doing something you normally feel unable to find the time for. You may simply wish to turn off your mobile phone or computer for the day – relax for a while then enjoy a creative activity such a drawing, writing or singing. Or maybe you’ll go fruit picking to gather ingredients for a Summer Pudding – here is a recipe. Whatever you choose we want you to celebrate some unhurried, quality time with yourself, family or friends whilst participating in activities that have minimal impact on the planet.

Your ideas for taking Sunday slowly...

It is our intention for Resurgence Slow Sunday to be an interactive international event. Rather than prescribing how you should lead your life leisurely we’re inviting you to share your ideas with us. Please email us with your favourite way to simplify a Sunday or write into us with one idea that helps save the planet and your soul. If your ideas are selected for future Slow Sundays you will receive three back issues of Resurgence magazine to pass on to your friends or local community.

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