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Fossil Fuel Free Day

Spend a day without using any fossil fuels

On the next Slow Sunday, we invite you to spend the whole day without using fossil fuels of any kind! In solidarity with our regular columnist, Mark Boyle, who is spending a whole year without using fossil fuel, we can all get a glimpse of what life could be like if we began to live more simply, within the carrying-capacity of our local ecosystems.

So, turn off the TV, eat local, raw food, walk or cycle to see your friends and relatives and relax in candlelight at the end of a replenishing day! These are just some ideas for making Slow Sunday special.

Learn more about life without fossil fuels

Living My Truth by Mark Boyle. Having resolved to live without oil for one year, Mark discusses the effect this has had on his life, and what the future holds.

Living Without Oil by Mark Boyle. So if oil supplies ran out tomorrow, how would someone living in a city survive? What would we eat?

Denmark’s port aims to be world’s first fossil-fuel free city by Slim Allagui. Denmark’s northern port of Frederikshavn is not waiting for the rest of the world. It has launched a green revolution to become, within seven years, the first city ever powered solely by renewable energy.
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Fuel and food by Green Living Tips. How much fossil fuel currently goes into making food at every stage of its production?
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