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New Year’s Resolutions to serve the planet

We like to celebrate the time-honoured tradition of making a New Year's resolution. We invite you to make a personal pledge to serve the planet this year.

Post your action on our facebook page and let us know how you get on!

Here’s a selection of resolutions from previous years that were posted on our wall of pledges.

Sally Asher

I will smile at people including strangers, knowing that this small action can make someone’s day. I will speak more openly to people about the need to ‘be the change we want to see in the world’. I will recommend any good reading material I come across, such as Resurgence and YES! I will practice conscious awareness of the unity of all things; the need for forgiveness and kindness, fully understanding that one needs to be willing to give to receive.

Annie Lennox: Become an Activist

How about we decide to leave our cars parked wherever we’ve parked them and use them only when it’s really necessary? We could lobby the government to have shops and business places switch off their lights throughout the night and to make plastic bags illegal. We could get off the couch and become an Activist! Go on - become the change you want to see in the world.

Raymond Blanc - Grow your own

This year I shall try to grow even more of the fruit and vegetables we use in our kitchens - and those we use at home as well. Anybody with a garden can make this kind of gesture. It’s satisfying labour, healthy, makes you happy, decreases your family’s carbon footprint - and you can eat the results. What could be better - for you or the planet?

Bob Earnest

I pledge to move more slowly and to accomplish more good work. I will do this by reducing the time that I waste on superficial activities - TV, meaningless web browsing, and thinking of things.

Sarah Lambert

I will pledge to think carefully before I buy, do I really need it? Say no to tat!

This year we pledge to reduce our electricity usage (home and office) by a further 15%.

Lorna Howarth, Resurgence Co-editor

I resolve to cycle to work every day; I resolve to buy as much of my food locally as possible; I resolve to turn off the TV and make music instead and I resolve to enjoy every day even if it is raining!

The Resurgence Subscriptions team

We pledge to grow our own fruit and veg, make compost, use up leftover food, recycle more, mend, and buy locally.

Elaine Green, PA to Satish Kumar

I’m going to plan my time better so that I only use my car when I really, really have to. My New Year’s resolution is to make use of my pannier bags, which up until now, have been collecting dust, and use my bike as a mode of transport rather than only for leisure activity. So hopefully, I’ll be able to lower my carbon footprint and get fitter and thinner into the bargain.

Jo Oland, Resurgence Assistant Editor

For my New Years Resolution I will make an effort to ensure that the clothes I buy are from socially and ethically responsible manufacturers - I might even learn how to make my own.

Paula Soutinho, Resurgence Marketing Manager

Instead of jumping in the car, I will walk my children to school every day even when it’s pouring with rain! I will also start composting again as I gave this up last year.

Tracey Benton, Resurgence Promotions Manager

Instead of heading to the High Street for gifts and cards, I resolve to make my own or buy gifts that are handmade by local craftspeople whenever possible.

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