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Groups - Topics for Discussion

During your group meeting you could discuss an article from Resurgence & Ecologist. You could read out passages and summarise the salient points, or watch a Resurgence video clip.

On this page, you'll find a selection of articles that can be used as the basis for discussion. Ideally, you should circulate the article before the meeting. What's important is that everyone has the opportunity to share their views on the chosen topic.

At the heart of the Resurgence message is hope for the future, so we encourage you to consider positive perspectives on the key issues you discuss. Resurgence aims to inspire and enthuse, not just inform. So remember to steer a course towards accord, optimism, and shared joy at your meetings!

Groups - Topics for Discussion

Articles from Resurgence & Ecologist magazine

How can we embrace nature-based wisdom and place connection with the land at the heart of education?

What lessons can we learn from this crisis?

How can we remain optimistic in the face of climate disasters?

What is the place of 'make do and mend' in our throwaway society? Learn a new skill and discover a radical act of self-care and planetary care.

How easy it is to sustain a vegan diet and what other lifestyle changes are needed to mitigate the climate crisis?

How can craft and activism be used to create a powerful force for change and transformation? Share a craftivist project and explore ideas for a better future.

What can the sounds from nature teach us about the health of the ecosystem around us?

How can we sustain public interest in climate breakdown and ensure action is taken to deal with the climate emergency before it's too late?

How can we redesign human societies based on love, justice and planetary boundaries, and restore the damage we have done to the natural world?

How can we live well in an age of excess?

Can happiness only come from recognition of our dependency on one another and on Nature?

Is rewilding the answer to our ecological crisis?

What more can we do to tackle plastic pollution?

A simple walk becomes an opportunity to gather food and reconnect with Nature. Why is foraging so rare?

If we are to create the world we want, we need to change our story. But how?

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