Resurgence Summer Camp 2023

Resurgence Summer Camp

Celebration of connection, community and change

Fri 07 - Sun 09 Jul 2023

Venue: Green & Away, The Fold, Bransford, Worcester, WR6 5JB



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"Resurgence Camp is a beautiful weekend of re-connection to oneself, other people and the more-than-human world. Food for the mind, body and spirit. It was everything I'd hoped it would be: inspiring, sociable, thought-provoking, fun, engaging, relaxing, well organised and great food!"

"Wonderful poetry, talks, music, stories, food, cake, bar, showers, weather, wildflower walk, location, solar panels, people, bell tents... inspired!"

Linda Scruton

Resurgence summer camp is an inspiring weekend of inspiring talks, workshops, music, storytelling, craft and delicious food - a weekend that brings the ideas and ethos of Resurgence & Ecologist to life.

We are once again holding the Resurgence summer camp at the glorious Green & Away campsite - described by a previous participant as 'a small corner of paradise'.

This annual gathering is unique and limited to just 140 places. Ticket price includes three meals a day - so you can enjoy delicious vegetarian food cooked on site by the lovely Green & Away volunteers. Green and Away can cater for allergies, vegan and gluten free diets.

Detailed travel information will be sent with confirmation of your booking.



Radical Love • Satish Kumar

Satish Kumar

As gravity holds the physical world together love holds the metaphysical world together. Love provides solutions to all our problems. Through love we can find the meaning of life.

Satish Kumar is the Editor Emeritus of Resurgence & Ecologist. A former monk and long-term peace and environment activist, Satish Kumar has been quietly setting the global agenda for change for over 50 years. Inspired in his early 20s by the example of the British peace activist Bertrand Russell, Satish embarked on an 8,000-mile peace pilgrimage. Carrying no money, he walked from India to America, via Moscow, London and Paris, to deliver a humble packet of 'peace tea' to the leaders of the world's then four nuclear powers. In 1973 Satish settled in the UK becoming the editor of Resurgence magazine. He has been the guiding spirit behind a number of now internationally respected ecological and educational ventures. He co-founded Schumacher College in South Devon, where he is a Visiting Fellow. His autobiography, No Destination, first published by Green Books in 1978, has sold over 50,000 copies.

Cultural Emergence Empowerment Design • Looby Macnamara

Looby Macnamara

Looby will be sharing how we can use the Cultural Emergence toolkit in our own lives to create a regenerative personal culture, and in our groups to co-create healthy, dynamic cultures and ultimately how this ripples out into the world to lay the foundations for the future we want to live in. Looby will be introducing her nearly completed Cultural Emergence Empowerment Deck - a playful way of engaging with the tools and ways of using the cards as a route to encouraging conversations.

Looby Macnamara is co-founder of the Cultural Emergence movement. She is author of four books: Cultural Emergence, People and Permaculture, 7 Ways to Think Differently and Strands of Infinity. She lives and runs courses at Applewood Permaculture Centre in North Herefordshire. Looby is one of the partners of the international Mother Nature project - empowering mothers as natural leaders.

Ecocide law and the entrainment principle: catalysing global change • Jojo Mehta

Jojo Mehta

Learn how the global conversation on criminalising mass harm to nature has reached the highest levels of diplomatic and legal discussion around the world in a few short years; the transformative power of this legal framework and how you can be part of its realisation.

Jojo Mehta co-founded Stop Ecocide in 2017, alongside legal pioneer the late Polly Higgins, to support recognition of 'ecocide' - mass damage and destruction of nature - as a crime at the International Criminal Court. As executive director, she has overseen the remarkable growth of the movement while coordinating between legal developments, diplomatic traction and public narrative.

Stop Ecocide generates fertile collaborations around the globe at every level of society. As a result, legal recognition of ecocide is emerging as a powerful driver of change and a key solution addressing the climate and ecological crisis.

The Life Cycle • Kate Rawles

Kate Rawles

Kate Rawles will be talking about her new book The Life Cycle, her intrepid cycling adventure and her mission to shine a light on our planet's biodiversity crisis.

Kate cycled the length of South America on Woody, a bamboo bike she built herself with bamboo from the Eden Project. The aim of her ride was to explore and champion biodiversity - what it is, what's happening to it and what can be done to protect it. Her route took her through an astonishing range of landscapes and ecosystems. Throughout the journey she met with those at the frontlines of nature conservation. Kate returned convinced that biodiversity loss is as important as climate change and that deep systemic change is needed to tackle these interconnected challenges to people and planet.

Kate Rawles is a writer, cyclist and former university lecturer in environmental philosophy who uses adventurous journeys to raise awareness about environmental challenges. She writes for a range of publications, is a mountain and sea kayaking leader and a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. She lives in Cumbria.

Music and Poetry

Three Daft Monkeys

Three Daft Monkeys

With Celtic and eastern influences, the Three Daft Monkeys' dynamic style of world folk music reflects the global village in which we now live. Their infectious dancing rhythms lead you through a musical journey of the senses and emotions, and will leave you enthralled and exhilarated. With their quirky and original approach to music, and their passion, intensity and sheer joy of life, Three Daft Monkeys have gained themselves a large following. Their music is hard to pigeon-hole, mixing and crossing many musical genres from Celtic, Klezmer, Gypsy, Balkan, Latin, Ska, Dub Reggae, Indie, Rock and even a hint of Shostakovich.

The band weave enchanting melodies with catchy choruses, virtuoso vibrant fiddle, rhythmic 12-string guitar, 6-string bass, bespoke hand-percussion and vocal harmonies. Fascinating lyrics of personal and whimsical observations on life, and folk tales both ancient and modern, are told within the swirling layers of their music, all with the essential catchy sing-along chorus.

Natalie Fée & Angus Barr

Join Natalie Fée (founder of City to Sea and author of How to Save the World for Free) and Angus Barr (theatre-maker, comic songwriter and environmental activist) for an hour of musical merriment on the environment (can that really be funny?) and their relationship (surely that can't be funny either?). Together they will attempt to save the planet using only cheap stringed instruments and their voices.

Expect adult songs made child-friendly, tips on how to be greener and some familiar tunes set to the twinkly-twangly sounds of Angus's banjolele.

Imagining Otherwise • Ecopoetry by Helen Moore

Helen Moore

Co-creating with more-than-human Nature, this internationally acclaimed ecopoet shares work that's at times fiercely satirical of capitalist insanity, and which returns to deep communion and compassion. Inspired by history, science, landscapes, dreams, activism, Helen Moore shapeshifts to share wild, ancestral voices, and visions of regenerative cultures.

Helen Moore is a British ecopoet, socially engaged artist, writer, and Nature educator who lives in an intentional community in North Dorset. She has published three ecopoetry collections, Hedge Fund, And Other Living Margins (Shearsman Books, 2012), ECOZOA (Permanent Publications, 2015), acclaimed by the Australian poet John Kinsella as 'a milestone in the journey of ecopoetics', and The Mother Country (Awen Publications, 2019) exploring aspects of British colonial history. She offers an online mentoring programme, Wild Ways to Writing, and works with students internationally. In 2021 Helen gave a keynote lecture on ecopoetry and landscape at PoesiaEuropa in Italy, and collaborated with Cape Farewell in Dorset on RiverRun, a cross arts-science project examining pollution in Poole Bay. She is currently working with University of Gloucestershire to create a global network of ecopoets and is writing a prose memoir about her more-than-human teachers.

Meditation and Movement

Kundalini Yoga Morning Sadhana: Susan Clark

Susan Clark

'If you can breathe, you can do Kundalini yoga.'

Kundalini yoga is like no other because the focus is on transformation. We use movement (kriyas) and breathing (pranayama) along with meditation/chanting and mudras (hand gestures) to change our energy and to connect to the best version of ourselves. You will reap multiple benefits because Kundalini is also known as the yoga of rapid transformation and meaningful change.

Join Susan Clark, editor of Resurgence & Ecologist and Kundalini yoga teacher, for an early morning 90-minute practice that will give plenty of time to explore our relationship with our body, with our mind and with our current sense of wellness. Susan will use music to inspire you through the practice which will also include a deep relaxation to allow the body to integrate the energy changes we have made and get you grounded for the day ahead.

Resurgence Earth Festival: Georgie Gilmore

Resurgence Earth Festival

Embark on a journey of Nature connection, guided meditation, reflective writing and Earth-inspired music that will deepen your relationship with Nature, with yourself and with yourself as a part of Nature. Open to a profound sense of interconnectedness with all that is and come home to your belonging to the Earth.

This Earth festival will be facilitated by Georgie Gilmore with songs woven in throughout by Chiara Gilmore, known for her moving and soulful folk music. Chiara's poetic songs impart her deep love for music and Nature, calling us to reclaim a life lived in harmony with the Earth and stirring our collective remembering of ourselves as Nature.

Gentle Yoga Practice to Connect with the Natural World • Colette Stein

Colette Stein

This practice is suitable for up to 10 people. We arrive at the practice with a small found object from the woods or fields around the campsite, something that speaks to you for some reason. This object will be the focus of the practice encouraging a connection between you (the observer) and the object (the observed). The practice will include gentle postures and meditation and is suitable for any ability.


Printing Workshop • Rachel Marsh

Printing Workshop - Rachel Marsh

T-shirt and banner printing workshop. This workshop is suitable for beginners. Inks and materials for banner printing will be provided. Please bring a T-shirt that you would like to print on. Spend as long as you like or just drop in to join us - but we promise you'll be hooked in no time.

Rachel Marsh is a letterpress printer working from a print shed at the bottom of her garden in north Devon. She makes artist's books and print ephemera (like postcards, posters and cards), which often explores using type as image. Rachel has recently been on sabbatical from her role designing Resurgence & Ecologist magazine at Resurgence.

Voice Workshop • William & Awantika

Voice Workshop - William and Awantika

William Tooby is a founding director of The Fold CIC. He is an eco-facilitator and a voice coach passionate about singing raga. Originally drawn to India to better understand music in the seventies before becoming an organic farmer, he went on to sing a cappella with various groups before focusing on raga. He loves to facilitate others in finding their own unique and embodied voice.

Awantika sings Classical Indian Ragas, Semi-Classical and Bundeli folk songs of which she has collected some 2000 from around her home town of Khajuraho. She is an exceptional Kathak dancer. She won the University Youth Festival of Indian Classical Vocal competition and regularly sings on All India Radio. She sensitively combines song and dance and is inspired by nature. She founded the 'Awantika Arts Centre for Music and Dance' in Khajuraho where she trains local and international students. Awantika composes, performs and directs internationally.

Please wear loose comfortable clothes.

Storytelling and Sound Bath for Deep Relaxation • Alexandra Simson

Alexandra Simpson

Release both stress and tension with healing sound! Relax while you listen to a traditional story told by practitioner and storyteller, Alexandra Simson. This will then be followed by the soothing sound and vibrations of the gongs as you lie or sit back to enjoy a deeply relaxing and cleansing gong bath.

Alexandra Simson - Sound-Well is dedicated to the belief that sound and specifically the sacred sound of ancient stories and the gongs is both healing and life enhancing. Since qualifying as a Sound, Movement and Story therapist in 1997 and Healing Sound Practitioner in 2017, Alexandra has been working in the service of wellbeing and healing for over twenty years. Traditional stories from all over the world, along with a collection of over twenty gongs and other sacred instruments make-up the Sound-Well family - through which healing and self-development is nurtured on all levels with community groups, businesses, schools, services, charities and more.

Please be aware: Gong baths are not suitable for anyone who suffers from fits (epileptics) or is extremely sensitive to sound. They are not recommended for women in the first trimester of pregnancy. If you wear a hearing aid, your device should be turned off during the session. Bring a blanket to enhance your comfort and relaxation!

Open Space Sessions

Open Space is an opportunity to work together with whatever comes up from our weekend. You can choose to offer sessions or to attend sessions, which can be on something you are passionate about (for instance Extinction Rebellion or the role out of 5G), or perhaps a continuation of a talk or workshop that people would like to explore further. If you have something that you would like to share, come along and participate in an interactive session. If there's something you'd really like to know about, you can suggest a topic and see what emerges.

Open Mic around the Fire

Open Mic around the Fire

The open mic around the fire returns this year. This is your chance to share a song, dance, sing, or perform solo or with friends. Bring instruments, a poem, a song and join in the entertainment.

Keep a look out for programme updates.


If you are bringing your own tent, there is no extra charge.

All onsite accommodation in bell tents and standard tents, provided by Green & Away, is now fully booked.

There are still campervan pitches available. Details on how to book campervan pitches are included in the confirmation email you will receive after booking a ticket to the summer camp.


The delicious food is lovingly prepared using the quality, local where possible, mostly-organic ingredients and served by the lovely volunteers at Green & Away. The ticket prices include all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

The food will be vegetarian. Green & Away can also provide vegan meals, and cater for allergies/intolerances, such as gluten, so long as at least 2 weeks' notice is given. If you are booking less than 2 weeks before the event starts, Green & Away may not be able to cater for dietary intolerances other than gluten. If you have other dietary preferences, Green & Away respectfully ask that you bring supplementary food with you.

Refund Policy

Requests made prior to 01 Jun 2023 will be considered at our discretion and will be subject to a £10 admin charge. After this date, refunds will only be made if the event is full and we are able to reallocate the space.

For more information email: [email protected]

The Resurgence Summer camp is a fundraising event for The Resurgence Trust, an educational charity registered in England and Wales, Charity number: 1120414.

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