1. Seek genuinely renewable local and sustainable energy solutions.

2. Commit to low-carbon lifestyles and energy efficiency.

3. Lobby for a full re-evaluation of carbon trading and carbon offsetting.

4. Recognise that oil is near to peak production and plan with this in mind.

5. Demand moratoria on agro-fuel plantations and genetically engineered trees, foods and farming.

6. Press for full protection of all natural forests and biodiverse-rich marine and terrestrial areas.

7. Revise the Kyoto Protocol.

8. Regenerate biodiverse, resilient and vibrant local economies and food systems.

9. Reduce excessive global trade and consumption.

10. Reject the disposable consumer culture.

11. Support a diversity of sustainable approaches by communities, networks and movements.

these actions taken together lead to

12. Integration of biodiversity and sustainable livelihoods into all climate strategies: a solution for one should be a solution for all.