Long Live Biodiversity!

Issue 247 • March/April 2008

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Fossil Fools


The Forgotten Map

It's time to navigate alternative routes.

The Rhythm of Gratitude

Life without wonder is not worth living.

Intelligent Growth

Seeing 'growth' in another light

Climate, Biodiversity & Livelihoods

The Language of Nature

Introducing this issue’s special feature.

Offsetting Democracy

Exposing the inadequacies of carbon trading.

Feeding People or Cars? &

Rebuilding agricultural resilience.

Smokestacks and Smokescreens

The realities of agrofuel production.

The Webs of Life

Reconnecting local networks.

Natural Law

Transforming legal systems.

Earth Jurisprudence

Principles for a natural way of living.

African Spirit

An interview with Mphatheleni Makaulule.

Gaian Renaissance

The emergence of a new cultural vision.

What We Could Do

A 12 Point Plan


Milk of Human Kindness

Animal welfare is paramount in organic dairy production.

The Arts

The Cat that Walked by Himself

The centennial year of Cecil Collins.

Body, Being, Place

A conversation with Antony Gormley.


Short Story - The Requirement

Deep Spirit - Pray to Gaia

Slow Travel - Passport to Petra

Gardening - A Spring Sowing

Sensible Solutions - Time to Change

A Sense of Place - Stolen Canoe

Letter from America - Our Part is to Remain Calm

Letters to the Editors


In My Own Words: Making Time

Cycling Community

Review of Cycling to Work

An Innocent Eye

Review of Mary Newcomb

Beyond the Brochure

Review of The Final Cut

Grandmother's Scrapbook

Review of The Biodynamic Year

Pictures Paint A Thousand Words

Review of Earth Then and Now

Lover of Wisdom &

Review of The Essential Seyyed Hossein Nasr

A Bouquet of Thought

Review of Tough Little Beauties

A Life in Writing

Review of The Flowering of Flint

21st Century Writing

Review of Spirituality as a Public Good

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