This week, I was staying with an Indian friend of mine. We talked about love. She said, “Would you write down your thoughts on love?” Inspired by her request, I wrote the following:

Love rules supreme. Love diminishes separation. There is no ‘I’ or ‘you’. There is only ‘we’. Love acts like oil in the wheel of life; without love the wheel of life grinds and erodes. Life and all its activities are explicit, love is implicit, it is always there, or should be there. One need not be self-conscious of it, but when love is not there one can feel the pain. In love, not my will be done, but thy will be done.

In love there is mostly ‘yes’ and if there is ‘no’ then that ‘no’ is followed by ‘yes’. Love is a listening device. Love is freedom from fear. When we trust in love all goes well. Even difficulties become opportunities, problems become challenges, a negative situation becomes a learning opportunity.

Love is a surrender of ego and melt-down of pride. Love is the blossoming of beauty and a source of kindness. Love is the soul of all stories, an inspiration to all poetry. The greatest art is the art of love, all other arts emerge out of the art of love. Life without love is empty and art without love is vanity. Love is all there is. Love is the solution to all our problems. Love is the answer to all our questions. Love is more than a thought or a concept or a principle, it is existence itself. Love is, therefore we are. Love is life imperative.

We are born of love. Our parents fell in love and from their love we came into being. All living beings are conceived in love. This is called ‘biology of love’. Mother’s love, father’s love, love of our family and love of our friends make us who we are. Earth loves us, the cosmos loves us. We too love the Earth and the cosmos. Law of love is another name for the law of gravity.

Humans help each other because of love in their heart. We give and we receive out of our love for each other. Love economy is greater than the money economy. Love economy brings equity and justice. Without love, mere money economy destroys social cohesion.

Politics of love brings peace. Politics without love leads to war. Love yourself, love your neighbours, love your friends, love your enemies. Love those who love you and love those who do not love you even more. Water of love will melt all anger. Fire of love will extinguish all hatred. Love will bring peace and prosperity, grace and gratitude, bliss and blessing. Let go of all your defences against love. Love is our true security and our true defence.

Jesus loved and became Christ, Gautama loved and became the Buddha, Gandhi loved and became the Mahatma, and Teresa loved and became the Mother. We are transformed from ordinary to extraordinary through the alchemy of love. Sinners become saints through the transformative power of love.

Love is a potent potion to strengthen the soul and nourishing nectar to sweeten the spirit. All is in love and love is in all. Love is eternal and infinite. Love is god and god is love. I live and die for love’s sake.