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Issue 250
September/October 2008
Indigenous Intelligence: Diverse Solutions for the 21st Century

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issue cover 250

Cover: Surma man - Ethiopia Photograph: Angela Fisher & Carol Beckwith/

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Photograph: Wiliam Peers

Photograph: Wiliam Peers

Photograph: Wiliam Peers

Photograph: Wiliam Peers

Photograph: Wiliam Peers

Photograph: Wiliam Peers

We had a phenomenal response to our first Resurgence Slow Sunday. Thank you to everyone who took part in our first action: bake bread to save the planet. It is wonderful to know that so many people were kneading dough on the very same day as a defiant act of environmentalism. It is by joining together and acting locally that we can start to make a difference globally.

For our next Resurgence Slow Sunday we are, due to popular demand, sticking with the theme of baking bread. This time however, in honour of our 250th issue, we are also asking you to help us put 250 ‘Bake Bread to Save the Planet’ posters in venues such as cafes, post offices and health food shops in the run-up to September 28th. You can even put a poster in your front window for passers-by to see.

We have designed a simple A4 poster that you can download from our website and print at home. The poster is asking people to join in the Resurgence Slow Sunday action of baking bread as a rejection of mass-produced, plastic-wrapped, enzyme-injected factory-made bread. The posters are available for download now on the at Slow Sunday pages and the sooner they are out there, the more people will join us.

The next Resurgence Slow Sunday takes place on 28th September 2008

The simple action: Put up a ‘Bake Bread to Save the Planet’ poster and join us in baking bread on 28th September.

Join us!

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We may have ‘global’ warming, but we have the power to address this locally.

For Resurgence Slow Sunday we are inviting you in your homes and in your local communities to join together and perform small acts that symbolise a rejection of commercialism, a passion for the planet and a desire for change.

By many people joining together making small changes in our own immediate environments, we can start to address issues on a global scale. There will be different actions throughout the year to take part in.

Check the Slow Sunday pages for details.

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