Indigenous Intelligence: Diverse Solutions for the 21st Century

Issue 250 • September/October 2008

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Dance of Diversity

Let us celebrate and embrace the wisdom of traditional culture.


Declaration of Dignity

The UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Cultural Vitality

The concept of biocultural diversity.

Restoring Resilience

Maintaining diversity is an act of supreme collective intelligence.

Sacred Creation

Reflecting on the pioneering work of Darrell Posey.


Grandmothers and Grandfathers

"We are trying to save the knowledge…"

"What is Life?…"

Beauty Like Happiness, Occurs Frequently


Development - Stations of Life

There is a profound connection between the loss of cultural diversity and extremes of inequality.



An interview with the wisdom-carrier Oren Lyons.

Biocultural Diversity

A Word of Difference

There is much in common between biological and linguistic diversity.

Defenders of Diversity &

Many of the world's most biodiverse areas remain so thanks to the sustaining lifestyles of Indigenous people.

Guides and Gatherers

A beautiful example of co-evolution between humans and birds.

Fate of the Forests

Where there are Indigenous peoples, there are healthy, verdant forests.

Sites of Significance

Preservation of the Earth is a way of discovering meaning in our lives.

Beauty and the Beast

Conservation agencies must love the communities who live on the land they want to protect, as much as they love the land itself.

Lessons of the Birch

Vital skills of resilience and adaptation are held within indigenous communities worldwide.

The Law of the Mother

The time has come to value other cultures and respect the sanctity of life.

Exit Exploitation

Exploring ways and means of sustaining diversity in a rapidly changing world.


A Cup of Diversity

Learning from the farmers of the forest tea-gardens.

Cultural Capital

Stories and songs are backbones of community empowerment.

Horse Power

When fossil power runs out we may have to return to horse power.

Seed Stewards

Seeds harbour stories, histories and hopes.

Aboriginal Empowerment

Saving endangered languages.

Food Traditions

Celebrating native biodiverse foods in the African Rift Valley.


Is The World Becoming Flat Again?

Diversity of thoughts, speech, literature and the arts in under attack.

Tongues in Trees

Diversity is like language: it is alive and constantly changing.

Of Moulds and Men

Biodiversity is not just "out there" it is here, on our plates.

Surrounded by Solutions

The answers to our ecological crisis lie in the bounty of Nature.


Pioneers - Vanya Orr

Vanya Orr has dedicated her life to the service of tribes living in the Nilgiri Hills of Southern India.

Short Story - What Gets Lost

Sometimes a story would be told over many nights.

The Long View - Daily Diminishing

The Tao Te Ching is a deeply ecological source of wisdom.

Deep Spirit - Your Many Selves

Recognise the diversity within yourself and you will begin to see it in others.

Recipes - Pumpkins

The varieties of pumpkin are as diverse as the people who eat them.

Letters to the Editors - Earth Pilgrim

Members' Page

Resurgence Slow Sunday.


Hegemony or Harmony?

Review of Conservation Refugees: A Conflict of Nature.

A Fresh Perspective

Review of What on Earth Happened? The Complete Story of the Planet, Life and People from the Big Bang to the Present Day.

From Immigrant to Citizen

Review of The Accidental American: Immigration and Citizenship in the Age of Globalization.

Green is the new 'Red, White and Blue'

Review of A Contract with the Earth.

Web Exclusives

Article - Nature and Culture &

The importance of cultural protection is only just emerging.

Article - How Are We Doing?

Finding ways in which humans can live in harmony with Nature.

Article - Bioculturalism, Shamanism & Economics

Bioculturalism not only connects Nature and culture, it also implies an animating relationship.

Article - Indigenous Integrity

In the context of global warming, native wisdom and knowledge will be required to adapt to the changing environment.

Article - The Right to Choose

Indigenous cultures are not fossilised in time: they continue to evolve.

Article - People's Video

Preserving biocultural diversity through participatory video.

Article - Indigenous Research

The Biocultural Diversity Learning Network.

Article - Beyond Words

Communicating with the Kalahari Bushmen through touch.

Review - The Future's in our Arms

Review of Child Honoring: How to Turn This World Around

Review - Spirit of Place

Review of Place-Based Education in the Global Age

Review - On the Trail of the Dalai Lama

Review of The Open Road: The Global Journey of the Fourteenth Dalai Lama

Review - Turn the Lights off for the Penguins

Review of Who Will Save Us?

Review - Re-route our Roots

Review of Delight’s Muse: On Christopher Alexander’s The Nature of Order

Review - God of the Closing Gaps

Review of Science and the Indian Tradition: when Einstein met Tagore

Review - Books In Brief , , &

Review of Books in Brief

Satish’s Blog - To Be An Earth Pilgrim

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