Diane Baylis, a Resurgence reader for the past 2 years explains how she discovered the magazine, why she enjoys taking part in Resurgences’ Slow Sunday initiative and what the sources of inspiration are in her life.

“I stumbled across free back issues of Resurgence magazine on display at The Rebecca Hossack Gallery in 2007,” explained Diane, “Looking back, this was my first step on the way to becoming what Resurgence would describe as an ‘Earth Pilgrim’.”

“I’ve since taken part in several of Resurgence’s Slow Sunday initiatives from my home in Kent. It’s such a gift to be able to share time with my children and grand children. No lectures. Having fun. Taking small actions can make a big difference.”

For Diane life is a continuous journey “I find inspiration in a multitude of stories, Art and poetry along the way - through those who speak with humility, timelessness, vision and passion. Especially when they speak with a canadian accent - which I share. Robert Lepage and Leonard Cohen are a couple of my favourites. I’ve coined the term interr-ELATION – to express the sense of awe that I’m filled with when seeing the beauty of the natural world.”

Contact ian@resurgence.org to share experiences from your Slow Sunday’s or to feature in a future Readers Profile.

Taking Sunday Slowly

Readers share how they like to wind down with low-impact activities at the weekend…

Jackie Carpenter digs out the paintbrush and easel: “We took a look in the cupboard for some old water colour paints that belonged to grandmother and sat quietly outdoors with the children, painting pictures of the beautiful landscape that surrounds us. We have never done water-colour landscape pictures before…”