Resilience & Climate Change

Issue 257 • November/December 2009

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Flower Power

Resilient flowers need resilient fields and forests to flourish.


Keeping Oil in the Ground

The Yasuni Initiative is setting a precedent for rainforest nations to protect their capital.

Client Earth

The power of law can create justice for the planet.

Positive Media

Green social networking communities are behind a rise in positive media online.

Big Bang Lab

Delhi City Symphony has helped change the lives of people with limited prospects.

Vancouver - The Greenest City in the World?

The virtues of a city that is embracing the seismic shift towards a green economy.


Resilience Thinking

Why 'resilience thinking' is a crucial missing piece of the climate-change jigsaw.

Can We Cope?

Can we overcome 'conceptual sclerosis' and address the multiplicity of issues related to climate change?

The Three 'Rs'

Three fundamental principles should underpin any approach to food security: resilience, resolarisation and relocalisation.



I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a tree.

The Simple Life

Let people measure life by the meaning of death.

Biocultural Diversity

Amazon Imperative

For our own survival we must implement global protection of tropical rainforests.

Time for Action

The kind of leadership that was shown in bailing-out the banks should be demonstrated to protect tropical rainforests.

Trees are the Answer

Let us continue the work started by Wangari Maathai and reforest the entire world, creating right livelihood for all.

Climate Justice

The polluters continue to pollute with impunity, whilst people thousands of miles away bear the brunt of their actions.


Climate-friendly Farming

Rich-soil farming could help us turn back the carbon clock.

Positive Tipping Point

The Copenhagen climate conference could be the positive tipping point for global eco-awareness.

Changing Direction

Climate Change is a symptom of economic and political systems committed to exponential growth on a planet with biophysical limits.

A Learning Society

The next step in human evolution depends on our ability to live sustainably on the Earth.

The Power of Trust

An interview with Fiona Reynolds, Director General of the National Trust.

The Arts

Art for Earth's Sake

We need a paradigm shift from 'ego-art' to 'eco-art'.


Has the commodification of Banksy's art taken the edge off his work?

Homemade &

The makings of a Christmas wreath.


Poetry - The Hope of Renewal

The epic power of Nature and the poignancy of love: the poetry of Robyn Bolam.

Gardening - Lonesome Pines

Native pine trees are a resilient species that can adapt to most circumstances.

Nature Writers - Clattinger

The intimate writing of Peter Please, whose meditations on an "ordinary" place extend our knowledge of the living world.

Sensible Solutions - Natural Frugality

The practice of natural frugality creates a quiet but abiding satisfaction all of its own.

Pioneers - Green Compassion

Marc Barasch, founder of Green World Campaign, is pioneering simple and direct ways to reforest the earth.

Letters to the Editors - Eco Blind Spot?

Members' Page - Resurgence Reader's Profile

Taking small actions can make a big difference.


What on Earth Evolved?

Review of One hundred species that changed the world.

Ancient Light

Review of A Sleepwalk on the Severn.

Song at the Hazardous Edge

Review of Voyaging Out.

Meaningful Work

Review of A Life at Work: The Joy of Discovering What You Were Born to Do.

Jewels of Evolution

Review of Consider the Birds: Who They Are and What They Do.

Wrung from the Dark

Review of Wild: An Elemental Journey.

Web Exclusives

Review - A Better Life for All

Review of Low Impact Development: The Future in Our Hands.

Review - The Illogical Religion of Economics

Review of On the Edge of the Forest.

Review - Books In Brief

Review of Keeping Something Alive.

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