Learning and Development manager Gill Coombs explains what spurred her to take action for the wellbeing of the planet and asks you for your support during a nationwide walk this summer.

I discovered Resurgence after watching ‘Earth Pilgrim’ and attending a weekend retreat with Satish. I find its philosophy and eclectic approach paradoxically comfortable and stirring – a mast to which I can nail my flag.

I have always had a deep love for our natural world and the marvellous array of life that it supports. However, my concern for our natural environment came to the fore with urgency last year after listening to Stephan Harding on a course at Schumacher College earlier and attending the Resurgence Readers’ Weekend. It finally truly hit me – like a punch in the abdomen – the urgent need to do something before everything we know and love is irrevocably damaged.

Help Gill during her UK-wide walk for Nature

Gill’s current job involves promoting harmony and respect in the workplace. After recognising a strong desire to expand the reach of her work, she is planning an awareness-raising walk throughout the summer, and would like your help.

Gill will be running free workshops nationally (walking between workshops where possible), focusing on living in harmony with the natural environment, other species, each other and ourselves –and encouraging practical local action.

She needs people who can book a local venue for a ‘Harmony’ workshop, distribute publicity material, and/or put her up for the night.

If you can help, please email: gillcoombs1@o2.co.uk

The Question of Leadership

Thank you to those readers who responded to our last community page with stories about leadership. Copies of Only Connect have been sent to those who submitted the most insightful responses, including Jackob Jonker who concluded that we should all be leaders as “The individual person is the answer to all our political problems and the answer to all our other problems”.

Slow Sunday

How do you spend yours?

“I spent the last Slow Sunday, in December, making massage blends with essential oils as gifts for my friends. The gift of touch cannot be underestimated, and neither can the pleasure and beneficial effects of Nature’s gift in the essential oil.” – Sally Roberts

Next Slow Sunday – 28th March – Food Special

Healthy meals from unhurried veg! Visit our Slow Sunday pages: www.resurgence.org/take-part/slow-sunday.html for more details and to sign up to the Slow Sunday newsletter.