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22nd February, 2010

Avatar: Sowing Seeds of Respect for a Truly Global Community

by Satish Kumar
Satish Kumar
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Avatar: Sowing Seeds of Respect for a Truly Global Community

22nd February, 2010

Avatar is one of those rare films that bridge the interest of those who are looking for a profound message and those who are looking for entertainment. Avatar achieves these two objectives successfully. Making a film to highlight the life and values of indigenous people is not an easy task, but James Cameron has accomplished a great feat.

Watching this film, I realised more clearly how the Europeans went to North and South America and devastated the indigenous cultures - a phenomena which continues today. The indigenous people in Australia, India, China, Africa, America and Europe are still seen by some as savage and uncivilised. I hope that by watching this film so-called civilised people with their high-tech military power will realise how violent and barbaric they are. The film goes further than condemning the disruption of indigenous cultures; it also gives viewers an insight into some of the essential values needed for the creation of a healthy, harmonious planet - something that Resurgence magazine has been promoting for the past 43 years. These essential values include:

Respecting nature

When asked, “What is the film saying to society at large?”, James Cameron replied that it asks us questions about “our relationship with the natural world at a time of nature deficit disorder.” A recurring theme throughout the film was theme was the equal value placed on all living beings by the people of Na’vi. Read More ...

A sense of place

The natives in Avatar (Na’vi) revered sacred sites on their land and understood the vital role these places played in maintaining the health and wisdom of their culture. Read More ...

Being aware of our interconnectedness

The people of Pandora were aware of an invisible, wise force or energy called Eywa which permeates and connects the whole universe. The Na’vi know the importance of consciously acknowledging their interconnectedness. Read More ...