Issue 258 • January/February 2010

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Liberty is Natural

Now is the time to embrace liberty together with equality and fraternity.


Actions Speak Louder than Words

Climate Change activists celebrate two major victories.

Low-Carbon Countries

Guyana's call to action for climate resilience and low-carbon development.

Care Farming

An innovative and cost-effective service with positive benefits for the entire community.

Fashion's New Model

The handloom and cotton field can be at the heart of rural regeneration.


NHS - A Natural Health Service

For optimum health go out in Nature and walk every day.

Strides Towards Sustainability

Cuba's successful models of sustainable development are being widely replicated in Latin America.

Beyond Copenhagen

Why our leaders are failing us, and why, collectively, we now need a far broader and deeper global movement for change.


Facing the Future

We need to see Nature's capital and her processes as the basis of a new form of economics and engage communities at the grass roots.


Less is More

Can less be more, can more be less?

The Power of Now

Without a profound change in human consciousness, the world's suffering is a bottomless pit.



The award-winning novelist shares much of his philosophy of liberty with visionary artist William Blake.

Freedom is a Gift

Liberty has both a personal and social dimension.

Open Liberty

Equality should be an essential condition of freedom.

Police and Protestors , &

It is now time to ask what constitutes appropriate policing of peaceful protest.

Biocultural Diversity

Balancing Act

In parts of Siberia, a resurgence in nomadic traditions competes with the lure of contemporary life.

The Arts

In Service of the Earth

Ecological artist Deirdre Hyde leaves an impressive legacy in Costa Rica.

Age of Enchantment

An Ecobardic Manifesto heralds a new paradigm where the arts provide a different kind of cultural leadership.

Extreme Knitting

The quiet revolution that raises novelty knitting to an art form.


Poetry - Genius Loci

Poet Lesley Saunders is inspired by William Kent's garden at Rousham, Oxford.

Short Story - No Trumpets Needed

An uplifting short story from the former Children's Laureate.

Nature Writers - Fragility and Hope

How the tale of Tarka the Otter lives on and reminds us all of the importance of water conservation.

Voice From The South - Swaraj: A Deeper Freedom

Mahatma Gandhi's vision of right livelihood is as relevant now as it was then.

Recipes - Gazpacho and Coffee

If we can bring together growing food and cooking, the results will be radical.

Transition Time - Communal Sufficiency

In the last of the series on Mark Boyle's adventures in a post-oil, post-money world, he advocates interdependent living.

A Sense of Place - An Island of Peace

On a holy island with no distractions, the only think you are left with is time and space to just 'be'.

Letters to the Editors - Artificial Entanglement

Members' Page - The Need for New Leaders


Soul Power

Review of Soul Power: An Agenda for a Conscious Humanity.

Moral Analysis

Review of Right Relationship: Building a Whole Earth Economy.

Green Agenda &

Review of The Constant Economy: How to Build a Stable Society.

Do Not Be Afraid

Review of The Art of Dying | Gentle Dying: The Simple Guide to Achieving a Peaceful Death.

Solidarity Stories

Review of Dignity and Defiance: Stories from Bolivia's Challenge to Globalization.

We Are All Related

Review of Of the Land and the Spirit: The Essential Lord Northbourne on Ecology and Religion.

Web Exclusives

Article - Reclaiming Love

Disconnecting beloved tradition from the grip of consumer culture.

Article - Holy Water

Addressing the many challenges to India's watercourses.

Article - Two Sides To The Story

Sending an email can be more dangerous to the environment than posting a letter.

Article - Hunger for Meaning

Social responsibility within organisations emerges through recognition of the complex relationships between individuals.

Article - Liberty in the Network Age

Freedom to code, like the freedom to own and use a printing press, should now be included as a vital component of freedom of expression.

Article - A Modern Mystic

Sadhguru, an Indian spiritual teacher, integrates spirituality, ecological restoration and service with humanity.

Review - Guardians of the Countryside

Review of Otter Moon

Satish’s Blog - Avatar: Sowing Seeds of Respect for a Truly Global Community

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