Family Passions

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Issue 269
November/December 2011

The Arts

Family Passions

issue cover 269

Cover: Uccello-nella-Primavera, by Anita Klein

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The art of Andrew & Briony Lawson.

Mother and Child by Briony Lawson

Mother and Child by Briony Lawson

To celebrate 40 creative years together, Andrew and Briony Lawson will be showing a collection of their paintings and sculpture at The Gallery in London’s Cork Street. Although Andrew Lawson is best known as a garden photographer and writer, originally he trained as a painter. This exhibition will be the first opportunity in 30 years to see some of his paintings, and marks a return to his earlier career. Shown alongside the paintings will be Briony’s stone, wood and bronze sculptures, making the exhibition a showcase for a multi-talented family.

Family Passions runs from 21 to 27 November. The Gallery in Cork Street, 28 Cork Street, London tel.020 7287 8408

Susan Clark is Managing Editor of Resurgence magazine.

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