Issue 269
November/December 2011

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Wellbeing is Our Birthright

Treating crisis as an opportunity for transformation


Environmental Exposé

Eliminating loopholes in international climate-change policy

The Sky's The Limit •

Plans for the first solar-powered town

Wood Fuels Ashden Award •

Climate-friendly energy for UK homes

Web of Trust •

An innovative online funding platform that values input from donors

The Alchemy of Compost

Turning food waste into a valuable resource

Spy in the Sky •

Satellite technology uncovers illegal deforestation


Walk Alone, Walk Alone •

A song by Rabindranath Tagore


The Gift of Happiness

A pioneer of happiness research explains why it still matters

Happiness as a Higher Good •

On why we have a moral duty to make others, including animal, happy

A Better Way of Life •

Introducing the Action for Happiness movement

Stillness in Schools

Why teachers should start every lesson in silence

The Happy Planet Index •

An index measuring human wellbeing and happiness across the globe

Creating a Wellbeing Society •

Experts have identified five things you can do to flourish

Genuine Wealth •

Exploring the original meaning of 'wealth'

True Measures of Wellbeing & Welfare •

Why making everyone richer won't make everyone happier

Sustainable Wellbeing •

Greater wellbeing calls for a more sustainable economy

The Great Reskilling &

How making (and making do) heralds a return to happier times

Transition and Wellbeing

Why does engaged activism increase wellbeing? Learning from Transition

Which Way Now? •

Why environmentalists need a deeper level of engagement


Steps towards Happiness •

The three key obstacles that stand in the way of greater happiness


Voice From The South - Beyond Growth •

Nature and people are rendered invisible as 'growth' replaces the wellbeing of the Earth

Recipes - Chocolate Crackpots

Inventing a new dish that celebrates food

The Occasional Didymus - Ton Up •

Reflecting on three decades of Resurgence

Action - A New Wellbeing Initiative •

The new story is about wellbeing through connection, reciprocity and cooperation

Letters to the Editors - What Comes Next?

A selection of letters from our readers

Members' Page - Letter from the Editor •

Let Resurgence be your companion to build a resilient, sustainable and joyful future

The Arts

A Sense of Purpose •

How the new Hepworth Gallery has regenerated a city

Rebecca Jewell •

Rebecca Jewell's solo exhibition at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery

A Journey of Beginnings &

Two artists share the inspiration and stories behind their glass work

Family Passions

The Art of Andrew and Briony Lawson


A Commonwealth of Virtue

Review of Here on Earth: A New Beginning

Trust Me

Review of What's Mine is Yours: How Collaborative Consumption is Changing the Way We Live

A Better World

Review of A Better World Is Possible: What Needs to Be Done and How We Can Make It Happen

Happy Beings

Review of In Search of Happiness and A Life of One's Own

The Happy Buddha

Review of Happiness and How it Happens: Finding Contentment Through Mindfulness

Sacred Light

Review of The Christ Journey: Sister Wendy Beckett Reflects on the Art of Greg Tricker

Web Exclusives

Article - Pictoral harmony

Inspiration behind art that celebrates life and loss

Article - The Lessons of Pilgrimage

Coming back is the most important part of a journey

Article - The Secret Lives of Bees

The dizzy world of urban beekeeping

Article - Fukushima and our Hubris

A society that says yes to nuclear energy is a society that practises human sacrifice.

Article - Reversion to the Local

We need wake up and take charge of our lives if we are to survive the collapse of the global economic system

Article - Transcending the Matrix

Our attitudes to money hold a key to our personal transformation

Article - Life Happens

Healing and fulfilment through volunteering at a Buddhist Centre

Article - The Power of Young People

A positive vision for future generations

Review - Flying Beauties

Review of Shropshire Butterflies: A Poetic and Artistic Guide to the Butterflies of Shropshire

Review - Reading the Signs

Review of The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images

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