Issue 269 • November/December 2011

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Wellbeing is Our Birthright

Treating crisis as an opportunity for transformation


Environmental Exposé

Eliminating loopholes in international climate-change policy

The Sky's The Limit

Plans for the first solar-powered town

Wood Fuels Ashden Award

Climate-friendly energy for UK homes

Web of Trust

An innovative online funding platform that values input from donors

The Alchemy of Compost

Turning food waste into a valuable resource

Spy in the Sky

Satellite technology uncovers illegal deforestation


Walk Alone, Walk Alone

A song by Rabindranath Tagore


The Gift of Happiness

A pioneer of happiness research explains why it still matters

Happiness as a Higher Good

On why we have a moral duty to make others, including animal, happy

A Better Way of Life

Introducing the Action for Happiness movement

Stillness in Schools

Why teachers should start every lesson in silence

The Happy Planet Index

An index measuring human wellbeing and happiness across the globe

Creating a Wellbeing Society

Experts have identified five things you can do to flourish

Genuine Wealth

Exploring the original meaning of 'wealth'

True Measures of Wellbeing & Welfare

Why making everyone richer won't make everyone happier

Sustainable Wellbeing

Greater wellbeing calls for a more sustainable economy

The Great Reskilling &

How making (and making do) heralds a return to happier times

Transition and Wellbeing

Why does engaged activism increase wellbeing? Learning from Transition

Which Way Now?

Why environmentalists need a deeper level of engagement


Steps towards Happiness

The three key obstacles that stand in the way of greater happiness


Voice From The South - Beyond Growth

Nature and people are rendered invisible as 'growth' replaces the wellbeing of the Earth

Recipes - Chocolate Crackpots

Inventing a new dish that celebrates food

The Occasional Didymus - Ton Up

Reflecting on three decades of Resurgence

Action - A New Wellbeing Initiative

The new story is about wellbeing through connection, reciprocity and cooperation

Letters to the Editors - What Comes Next?

A selection of letters from our readers

Members' Page - Letter from the Editor

Let Resurgence be your companion to build a resilient, sustainable and joyful future

The Arts

A Sense of Purpose

How the new Hepworth Gallery has regenerated a city

Rebecca Jewell

Rebecca Jewell's solo exhibition at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery

A Journey of Beginnings &

Two artists share the inspiration and stories behind their glass work

Family Passions

The Art of Andrew and Briony Lawson


A Commonwealth of Virtue

Review of Here on Earth: A New Beginning

Trust Me

Review of What's Mine is Yours: How Collaborative Consumption is Changing the Way We Live

A Better World

Review of A Better World Is Possible: What Needs to Be Done and How We Can Make It Happen

Happy Beings

Review of In Search of Happiness and A Life of One's Own

The Happy Buddha

Review of Happiness and How it Happens: Finding Contentment Through Mindfulness

Sacred Light

Review of The Christ Journey: Sister Wendy Beckett Reflects on the Art of Greg Tricker

Web Exclusives

Article - Pictoral harmony

Inspiration behind art that celebrates life and loss

Article - The Lessons of Pilgrimage

Coming back is the most important part of a journey

Article - The Secret Lives of Bees

The dizzy world of urban beekeeping

Article - Fukushima and our Hubris

A society that says yes to nuclear energy is a society that practises human sacrifice.

Article - Reversion to the Local

We need wake up and take charge of our lives if we are to survive the collapse of the global economic system

Article - Transcending the Matrix

Our attitudes to money hold a key to our personal transformation

Article - Life Happens

Healing and fulfilment through volunteering at a Buddhist Centre

Article - The Power of Young People

A positive vision for future generations

Review - Flying Beauties

Review of Shropshire Butterflies: A Poetic and Artistic Guide to the Butterflies of Shropshire

Review - Reading the Signs

Review of The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images

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