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Issue 272
May/June 2012
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The Green Way

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Cover: Photo: Variables, Patterns 2010 by Steve McPherson

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In celebration of pilgrimage, community, local history and abundant wildlife, botanist Jon Every will be walking The Green London Way from 28 May to 2 June 2012.

A collaboration between The Yarner Trust and Resurgence, this 100-mile walk is based on the newly revised book The Green London Way written by inner-city conservationist Bob Gilbert and republished by Lawrence & Wishart. The new edition includes a walk around the Olympic site perimeter and is being republished this month to raise awareness of the impact of rapid urban development including that of the London Olympic site on our cities.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of his own extraordinary peace walk, Satish Kumar will be walking with Jon on the last day (2 June) and we invite you to join them (or just Jon) for part or all of this pilgrimage. Offers of help with publicity and support are also welcome.

For details of how to sponsor Jon’s walk for The Yarner Trust, go to

Susan Clark is Associate Editor at Resurgence magazine.

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