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Catalysts For Change

Issue 272 • May/June 2012

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The Transformative Power of Art

David Hockney reminds us what the politicians have forgotten


Love Local Food •

New outlet for affordable, local and sustainable food

Growing Power •

Urban farming changing lives

Solar Sculpture •

Renewable energy in Mexico City

Floating Communities •

Creating schools and housing that can withstand monsoon floods

Marine Protection •

Implementing policies to preserve oceans and coastal areas

Wildlife Direct •

Protecting biodiversity in Africa

Electric Superbus •

Investing in new modes of transport

The Garden of Hope •

Finding beauty in communal green spaces

From Deserts to Rice Paddies •

Probiotics for plants


Zero-carbon cooking

The People's Supermarket •

Community-supported shopkeeping


Catalysts For Change •

Introducing the pioneering work of the Marion Institute


Museums of Happiness

How museums can help inspire a re-imagined society

Not For Trade •

Fighting the illegal trafficking of wildlife

Rescuing the Economy

The key task facing the Rio+20 summit

A Little-Known Jewel •

Create a sustainable hub at Hong Kong's Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden

Waste Not, Want Not •

Exploring the role of waste in creating positive change

Witness the Waste •

Celebrating the waste-documenting work of photographer Chris Jordan

Humanure •

Creative ways to compost human waste

What Rubbish? •

From pollution to solution

A Hymn of Praise

Nature and the flower garden

The Mystery of Flowers •

The sacred geometry of plants


The Blue Flower •

The pilgrim's friend

The Road to Happiness •

The love of landscape


Nature Writers - Lessons from the Bees

Learning about cooperation from bees

Small Steps - Walking the Talk

Sharing practical ideas for a sustainable life

Pioneers - The Art of Living •

Reflections on the philosophy and life of Henry David Thoreau

Education - Ecological Literacy

Ecological literacy is critical to the survival of humanity

Voice From The South - Reclaiming the Seed •

Blocking the introduction of India's proposed Seed Law

Letters to the Editors - A Dual Agenda

A selection of letters to our editors

The Occasional Didymus - Gross Expectations •

It's easy to be fast-tracked to a life that has nothing to do with who you really are

Poetry - In Praise of Trees •

Introducing eco-poets Kim Lasky and Patrick Bond

Members' Page - The Green Way

Walking the Green London Way

Members' Page - The Funding Network

Using crowdfunding to support social change initiatives

The Arts

A Seeing Eye •

The extraordinary talent of David Hockney

A Sense of Place

Time to stop being polite and stand up for our landscape

Exposure •

An insight into the Dartmoor artist's inspiration for his latest exhibition


A Symbol of Hope

Review of The Lady and the Peacock: The Life of Aung San Suu Kyi

Hidden Truths

Review of Gardening as a Sacred Art

Building Solutions

Review of Walk Out Walk On: A Learning Journey into Communities Daring to Live the Future Now

A Handbook for Happiness

Review of How to Be Compassionate: A Handbook for Creating Inner Peace and a Happier World

A Quiet Joy

Review of Reveries of the Solitary Walker

Nature's Essence

Review of On the Origin of Beauty: Ecophilosophy in the Light of Traditional Wisdom

Silence, Water and the Dao

Review of Convergence with Nature: A Daoist Perspective

Healing Fictions

Review of Coming Home to Story: Storytelling Beyond Happily Every After

Web Exclusives

Article - Tribal Hero

The battle for Adivasi rights in India

Article - Green Pai Driving

An invention that promotes responsible driving and cuts emissions

Article - Zen Cycling

How to wheel freely

Article - Engaging with Food Choices

Helen Jukes recalls her experiences living and working on a smallholding

Article - A Human Nature &

Garry Fabian Miller in conversation with Tom Greeves

Article - Growing Consumerism

The Nine Wild Plants project explained

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