The Earth's Prayer

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Issue 273
July/August 2012
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The Earth's Prayer

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Cover: View of Country by Betty Beasley 2011

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(to the intonations of The Lord’s Prayer)

Our Gaia, whose art is Nature –

abode of our life,

Your time has come, your battle won

for people’s planet-consciousness.

Teach us each day, how to be and live

through observing Nature’s models.

Those models that bring us into harmony

and not into conflict with life’s source.

Home to humanity,

in sacred diversity.

Deities in unity,

our dream.

Our Gaia, whose heart feeds all creatures

alive on this Earth.

Attuned to that flow, our knowledge grows

of how interdependent we are.

Give us this day a new way to be –

Born guardians of all life forms

In a heart-based Nature – Nature at its heart.

Our new role in life to honour them

Respect and protect, share in the caring

to sustain the future

Their destiny our own,


Our Gaia, as a part of you

We are your Nature

Your kingdom of life, your will survives.

Give us, this day, new eyes to see

Eyes that embrace the whole world and not just me.

A metamorphosis.

The land, like our bodies,

The sun our inner fire,

Rivers, life-blood of Earth.

Parallel universe,

wholistic perspective,


Copyright: Ann Palmer

Ann Palmer is a writer/teacher/poet, judge of the Earth Vision Nature Writing Contest, and the author of Writing and Imagery: How to Deepen Creativity and Improve Your Writing.

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