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Emerging Networks

Issue 273 • July/August 2012

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Networking Together for a Better World

Creating personal, social and cultural wellbeing


Action from the Grass Roots •

Reports on grass roots initiatives around the globe

Rivers of Flowers

Creating Urban 'forage streams' for pollinating insects

Transitions to a Fairer Future •

Resilient communities are the future

Ghent Goes Vegetarian •

Ghent city council supports 'meat-free' days

Extinction Monument •

The bell tolls for all extinct species

Slow News

Living Within the Doughnut

Setting a goal for sustainable and equitable development

The Ultimate in Recycling

The rise of Oxfam's trading arm

Business for Good

Rethinking the corporate code

Ecocide in the Amazon • &

Indigenous groups join forces to protect ancestral lands

Renewable Revolution •

Solar power is spreading rapidly across India, China, Africa and Latin America

Green Living

Pioneers - Faith and Perseverance

Celebrating 50 years at the Findhorn Foundation

Sense of Place - Wedded to the Land •

Finding a more sustainable, decentralised way of life in the Basque country

Pioneers - The Duke of Mukheibeh •

A profile of Jordanian conservationist 'the Duke'

The Occasional Didymus - Sustainability - The Final Word •

Reflections on mortality

Letters to the Editors - Emotional Connections

A selection of letters to our editors

The Arts

Poetry - Poet of Love •

Introducing Judith Kazantzis, poet of love

An Unbroken Thread •

An idiosyncratic art movement in the Ampilatwatja community

Pablo Picasso: Partisan of Peace •

A peace activist who spoke through his paintings

Embroidered Scenes

Inspired by Kantha, traditional Indian embroidery

Games People Play

Exploring the role of games in environmental activism


Whole Body Prayer •

A poem to embrace life


Cosmic Consciousness in the Real World •

Understanding the universe can help bring nations together


Emerging Networks

How networks can empower people

The Cooperative Moment

Cooperatives can create a more resilient economy

Small and Free •

The crisis of bigness

Voice from the South - Choosing Simplicity •

Imposed austerity verses chosen simplicity


An Alchemical Journey

Review of The Alchemical Horseman

Sculpting Light

Review of James Turrell (catalogue)

Adventure of Ideas

Review of War of the Worldviews: Science vs Spirituality

In Transition

Review of The Transition Companion: Making Your Community More Resilient in Uncertain Times

From Acorns to Oaks

Review of How to Plant a Tree: A Simple Celebration of Trees and Tree-planting Ceremonies

The Unbearable Brightness of Being

Review of Memorial

A Rich Diversity

Review of Drawing on Experience

A Universal Appeal

Review of The Post Office

Sacred Environment

Review of Sacred Land

Looking for Truth

Review of The Science Delusion: Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry

The Poetic Process

Review of A Lucid Dreamer: The Life of Peter Redgrove

Closer to Tagore

Review of Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali

Web Exclusives

Article - A Civil Rights Movement for the Soul

Understanding our place in the world

Article - Natural Fitness

There's a 'green gym' on all our doorsteps

Article - Welcome to Shedland

A journey to enlightenment via various sheds

Article - The Earth's Prayer

An ode to Gaia

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