When We Speak

Issue 343 • March/April 2024

issue cover 343

In this issue, we examine the power of not only finding and then using your voice but also the challenges of overcoming the societal programmes designed to keep you quiet. Entitled ‘When we speak’, the whole issue is a celebration of speaking our truth.

We acknowledge International Women’s Day (March 8) with our woman-led theme which includes articles on breaking the ‘Good Little Girl’ programme and ‘Using Plant Allies’ to find your authentic voice. We have an article by the Nepalese founder of a project designed to tackle period poverty and ignorance in her country of birth and we explore the totem of the wise and wilder older woman, asking how we can use the resurgence of energy that follows the transition of menopause for activism.

A contemporary teacher of Kabbalah explains the role of the divine feminine in that faith pathway and in the Slow Read, a contemporary Nature poet shares how she reached a sense of a deeply embodied empathy for Mother Earth once she broke free of the silence shrouding the secret of her own childhood trauma and abuse.

Finally, we have a wonderful in-depth interview with Satish Kumar, who calls for a more united movement for change for the better, regardless of race, gender and our individual circumstances and the chair of The Resurgence Trust, James Sainsbury, shares a rousing call to action – further proof that we will be supported once we do speak out.


  • Urban Greening: Charlotte Ina Sterland
  • Acts of Gathering: Charlotte Fraser
  • A Woman’s Story: Nadia Colburn
  • Plant Connections: Brigit Anna McNeill
  • Tackling Period Poverty: Dipisha Bhujel
  • The Divine Vessel: Mike Bais
  • The Red Dress: Kirstie Macleod

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When We Speak – welcome

Finding your voice, however big or small, is always the precursor of meaningful change


News from the Resurgence Community

Resurgence Ripples - a celebration of positive action

Now or Never…

A message from the Resurgence Trust Chair

Letters to the Editor

A Selection of Letters to the Editor


Editors' Picks

We share our top three stories from the news website focused on environmental, social and economic justice

Urban Greening

How we can best increase biodiversity in our towns and cities

Transforming a Landscape

Wetlands have started to take centre stage in Slovakia's new conservation priorities

Connected Life

The Yellowstone of Europe

Discovering a Romanian wildlife park created by two wolf biologists who had a rewilding dream of conservation

The Otter Lady

The story of Diane McTurk, an early pioneer of what came to be known as 'ecotourism' in Guyana

Acts of Gathering

This Eden Project exhibition invites us to think about our connections to food and land, ritual and culture

Feature Articles

A Woman's Story

Hidden in the silence is a collective cry to move back to a culture of caring and connectedness

When We Speak

When We Speak – introduction

A celebration of women finding their voice, wisdom and courage to speak out

Why Good Little Girls Don't Do or Say That

Exploring why women stay silent

Plant Connections

How working with plants helped find a once lost wild voice

Tackling Period Poverty

Sharing the story of Sparśa, the not-for-profit women-led Nepalese company she co-founded to make compostable sanitary pads

The Myth of Menopause

Investigating the resurgence of energy that can make this natural rite of passage a kind of 'second puberty', with all that invites.

Wisdom and Wellbeing

The Divine Vessel

Exploring how Kabbalah celebrates the divine feminine

Meetings with Urban Trees

Walks for Mind and Spirit is a new walking guide that offers inspirational ideas and themes for us to think about as we walk on each curated route.

Act Out of Love, not Anger

Excerpt from a recent conversation with inspiring activist Satish Kumar for The Guardian

Art and Culture

Poetry: Polyphony &

Celebrating the interplay between multiple female voices

The Red Dress

An inspiring global collaborative embroidery project amplifies the voices of those who might not otherwise be heard

Finding the Female Voice

Simply being outdoors and in Nature can free the female voice


In her work Sámi visual artist Outi Pieski explores the sacred relationship between her art and her ancestral land


Mothers of Invention

Review of Mothers of Invention: The Feminist Roots of Contemporary Art

On the Brink

Review of Our Fragile Moment: How Lessons from the Earth’s Past Can Help Us Survive the Climate Crisis

Shape of the Future

Review of The Next Supercontinent: Solving the Puzzle of a Future Pangea

Don't Judge a Sheep by its Flock

Review of The Wisdom of Sheep & Other Animals: Observations from a Family Farm

Streams of Connectivity

Review of Drinkable Rivers: How the River Became My Teacher

Rooted in Science and the Black Experience

Review of Black Earth Podcast

A Fundamental Failure?

Review of Animal Welfare in World Religion: Teaching and Practice

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