Let’s Feast for Resurgence Slow Sunday

Organise a seasonal organic feast with friends and neighbours.

Taking inspiration from John Moat’s wonderful article Salamongundi (Issue 251) on the annual community feast in the small village of Welcombe, North Devon, we invite you to honour the idea of feasting for the next Resurgence Slow Sunday on 30 November.

Think of friends whose company you enjoy, think of neighbours you’ve been meaning to invite round, but haven’t, think of family that you feel you should see more often, but don’t have the time.

The emphasis for this feast is on simple, healthy, organic food that is also tasty, delicious and above all, inexpensive. You don’t have to spend hours slaving over a hot stove because each guest brings along a delectable dish of their own. So, whether you are a small group of friends or, as with the Salamongundi feast in Welcome, a whole village, you can come together for an afternoon of communal conviviality.

Simply delicious

If you’re stuck for recipe ideas, we have some wonderful suggestions from the Schumacher College kitchen. Schumacher College has been providing delicious, vegetarian food for its community of staff and students since the college first opened. The recipes are all based on communal eating with quantities for a small gathering of 6-8 as well as a larger gathering of 40-45 people.

All the food is simple, seasonal, affordable and, above all, delicious.

Seasonal soups: Mushroom soup with sherry and Parsnip and Rosemary soup

Hearty but wholesome main courses: Tangy turtle beans and Cheese, cashew and walnut roast

Simple side dishes:Angelic quinoa salad and Chestnut and red pepper spread

Warming winter puddings: Crunchy apple crumble with walnuts and Apple tart with sultanas and cinnamon

The recipes are all taken from the book Gaia’s Kitchen by Schumacher College chef Julia Ponsonby. Read more about Julia’s experience of communal cooking and eating at Schumacher College.

Gaia’s Kitchen Special Offer

An exclusive offer for Resurgence readers and supporters – 30% discount on Gaia’s Kitchen: Vegetarian Recipes for Family and Community, by Julia Ponsonby. To order your copy of Gaia’s Kitchen at the special offer of £10.95 with free p&p (normally £14.95 plus p&p) tel: 0845 4589910 quoting &lsquoResurgence reader offer’. (Free postage offer applies to UK orders only).

Eat Locally, Think Globally

Resurgence Slow Sunday is where people in their own communities perform small acts of defiance for environmentalism. For this reason we are suggesting that all food for this feast should be local and organic. We asked The Soil Association, the UK’s leading campaigning and certification organisation for organic food and farming, to explain why this is important.

Key reasons to support organic food and farming.

Top tips for Organic Living

If you want to do more than just eat and organic feast – why not go completely organic? Here are the Soil Association’s recommendations on how best to do this.

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