The Moral Economy

Issue 245 • November/December 2007

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Tribute to Anita Roddick

Beauty and Imagination

Issue 245 of Resurgence is dedicated to Anita Roddick, who died on 10th September 2007.


A Drop to Drink

Citizen action for clean, safe water in Ghana.

Keeping it Local

Using community currencies to sideline corporate monopolies.

Fascinating Fungi

The Amazon Mycoremediation Project is using fungi to clean up contaminated soil in Ecuador.

Energy Lessons

Two British primary schools are leading the way with their eco-clubs and eco-councils and have reached the finals of the Ashden Awards.

Carbon Diet

An accurate way of calculating your daily ecological footprint.

Green Marketing

Green Thing is turning sustainable behaviour from a chore into a pleasure.

Waste Not?

BIOTECH India has reached the finals of the Ashden Awards for its small-scale plants which turn food waste into biogas.



If we are truly concerned about climate change, then protecting rainforests and other ecosystems around the world is of paramount importance.

The Tyranny of Urgency

Eco-gastronomy can help to restore the traditional knowledge regarding taste, nutrition, biodiversity and agriculture that we have lost in our rush towards development at any cost.

A Cherished Land

The new President of the Campaign to Protect Rural England pledges to safeguard our natural heritage.


Recognising the core value of nonviolence could strengthen the effectiveness of non-governmental organisations.

The Moral Economy

Moral Compass

What is the economy for, and how do we know if it is succeeding?

Currency of the Imagination

In order to restore beauty in our economy, our cities and our lives, we need a new currency.

Poverty and Empowerment

The founder of the Green Belt Movement shows how justice and sustainability are prerequisites for peace.

Economics of Happiness

Community and a deep connection with Nature are key ingredients for health and wellbeing.

Earth I Love

Nature is the real source of our wealth.

Natural Economy

Germany is addressing climate change by working with Nature.



Lower Carbon, Higher Quality

Eco-towns and zero-carbon homes will work only within the context of a low-carbon lifestyle.


Oil is the cause of global wars as well as global warming. We need to free ourselves from oil dependency to save the Earth and save ourselves.

The Arts


The editor of Poetry Review introduces new work by three influential eco-poets: Pascale Petit, John Burnside and David Harsent.

Pattern and Metaphor

Seed, Peter Randall-Page's iconic sculpture at the Eden Project, embodies his interest in pattern, collaborative working and the juxtaposition between inner and outer form.


Grizel Luttman-Johnson and Dorothy Feibleman use marbling in very different ways.



It is possible to travel from Europe to Australia without flying - an adventure that values the journey as much as the destination.

Sensible Solutions - BIOFUELS

Palm-oil production is a major cause of deforestation in the Far East. We need to halt the headlong rush towards biofuels at any cost.


Protecting and nurturing Nature and human relationships: one person's moment of epiphany, and how she converted two farms to organic methods.


Martin Hughes-Jones and Susan Proud have been working with the elements to create a magical garden on their land in Devon.

Letters to the Editors


In My Own Words: Fair Future

Review of It will not be possible to develop successful economics in the 21st century based on the 19th-century model. There will be no equity without ecology.

Monopolising Advantage

Review of Tescopoly: How One Shop Came Out on Top and Why it Matters by Andrew Simms

Lessons from the Past

Review of A New Green History of the World by Clive Ponting

Agriculture of Nonsense

Review of A History of World Agriculture by Marcel Mazoyer and Laurence Roudart

Under Stress

Review of The Upside of Down by Thomas Homer-Dixon

Whole Planet Re-Think

Review of Earthy Realism (ed.) Mary Midgley

Giving Nature its Due

Review of Nature's Due by Brian Goodwin

Thinking Differently

Review of Visionaries of the 20th Century (eds) Satish Kumar and Freddie Whitefield

Food at its Fullest

Review of Slow Food Nation by Carlo Petrini

We are Architects of an Empty House

Review of North Flight by Lynne Wycherley

Web Exclusives


From the Age of Excess to the Era of Moderation.


Anger is a passing cloud on the pure nature of mind.


Review of Froude Today by John Coleman

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