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Author Profile: Colin Tudge

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A Food Renaissance Goes Live

Issue 294 • January/February 2016 • A Food Renaissance > Ecologist

Unveiling a new forum for change

A Trinity for Our Time

Issue 286 • September/October 2014 • Politics of Peace > Reviews

Review of Soil, Soul, Society

Why Genes Are Not Selfish

Issue 280 • September/October 2013 • A Green Manifesto > Reviews

Review of Why Genes Are Not Selfish and People Are Nice: A Challenge to the Dangerous Ideas that Dominate our Lives

Looking for Truth

Issue 273 • July/August 2012 • Emerging Networks > Reviews

Review of The Science Delusion: Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry

A Seeing Eye •

Issue 272 • May/June 2012 • Catalysts For Change > The Arts

The extraordinary talent of David Hockney

Asking the Big Questions •

Issue 268 • September/October 2011 • What Comes Next? > Undercurrents

Where to look for big answers

The Age of Embezzlement

Issue 252 • January/February 2009 • Nature Crunch: Redesign, Rethink, Reimagine > Reviews

Review of The Gods That Failed: How Blind Faith in Markets Has Cost Us Our Future

Natural Religion •

Issue 251 • November/December 2008 • Feasting & Fasting: Connecting the Plate and the Planet > Keynotes

Where science meets spirituality.

Enlightened Economics •

Issue 248 • May/June 2008 • The Money Delusion: In Search of True Wealth > The Money Delusion

Reconstructing a fair economy.

Agriculture of Nonsense

Issue 245 • November/December 2007 • The Moral Economy > Reviews

Review of A History of World Agriculture by Marcel Mazoyer and Laurence Roudart


Issue 242 • May/June 2007 • Do we need God? / Food Futures > Food Futures

Everyone could be fed to the highest standards if food production were back in the hands of the people.


Issue 230 • May/June 2005 • Inspired Designs > Feature Articles

The industrialisation of agriculture creates mass unemployment, poverty and hunger.


Issue 221 • November/December 2003 • Divine Earth > Feature Articles

In the US, more people are in jail than work full time on farms.


Issue 216 • January/February 2003 • Patterns of Wholeness > Feature Articles

Our attitude toward the Universe should be one of reverence.