Gandhi's Gift: The Power Of Nonviolence

Issue 246 • January/February 2008

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Legacy of the Mahatma

Commemorating the sixtieth anniversary of the death of Mahatma Gandhi.


The People's Verdict

Ekta Parishad: 25,000 people, mainly Adivasi and Dalit, marching to Delhi for land rights.

Restoring the Earth

Earth Restoration Service launched the UK School Tree Nurseries to help restore our damaged planet.

The Freeconomy Community

Encouraging community self-sufficiency by offering and sharing skills.

Turning Back the Climate Clock

Capturing carbon and returning it to the ground.

Trees for Change

Mini-reforestation projects are helping to improve livelihoods in Mali.

Local Food Works

The Plunkett Foundation is helping reconnect consumers to the land by increasing access to fresh, healthy local food.

Gandhi Anniversary

Servant of the People

Gandhi said that we need to question the very basis of civilisation and rebuild it on an alternative foundation. Our anthropocentric world view should be replaced by a cosmocentric one.

The Gandhian Trinity

Gandhi's techniques of Satyagraha - Sarvodaya, Swaraj, Swadeshi - offered a template for ecology, peace and social justice.

Sacred Water

Honouring Gandhi: a reflection on defecation and development.

Try Nonviolence

The Elders are a global force for change. Their bid to try where others have failed is inspired by the life and work of Mahatma Gandhi.


Community Champions

Supporting those who are following the path of nonviolence in conflict resolution.

Speaking from the Heart

The power of putting into practice Marshall Rosenberg's ideas of Nonviolent Communication.

Wild Passion

A visit to Doug and Kris Tompkins' Conservation Land Trust project at Pumalín Park, in Argentina.

Beauty and the Bomb

Sheep are no more natural to the landscape than a wind farm. The poems of Gerard Manley Hopkins and Sorley MacLean show how landscape is a way of seeing.


Transition Strategies , &

Three prominent Resurgence writers explore some options relating to globalisation, peak oil and the industrialisation of agriculture.

Mind Shift

We need to redefine our economy and our values so that happiness, rather than material wealth, becomes our priority.

Blessed Unrest

Recognising and connecting with the vast, diverse movement for positive change that is all around us.

The Arts

Fiction: The Goldfinch Tattoo

She pictured herself somewhere above the landscape? A short story.


Two recent volumes of poetry by Henry Shukman and Mimi Khalvati.

Craft: A True Cavalier

The magnificent driftwood horses of Heather Jansch.

Art Before Art

Today's art movements are rooted in an ancient sacred context.

Thin Places

The drawings and paintings of Louise McClary reflect a sense of wonder in her surroundings.



Fixity and impermanence: human beings were born to improvise.

The Occasional Didymus - TIME FOR A YARN

Time for a yarn: what sense we make with the words we say comes from what we are.


The Carbon Cycle: a long, contemplative bicycle ride from Texas to Alaska.


Celebrating the taste and health benefits of cabbage. Sauerkraut, stuffed cabbage leaves and colcannon.

Letters to the Editors


In My Own Words: Whistling in the Dark

Review of A personal tribute to the nightingale.

In My Own Words: The Big Earth Book

Review of The prospect of catastrophe is an opportunity to be resourceful.

Resilience and Restoration

Review of Blessed Unrest by Paul Hawken


Review of Animal, Vegetable, Mineral by Barbara Kingsolver, with Stephen L. Hopp and Camille Kingsolver, and Our Farm by Rosie Boycott

Time Well Spent

Review of Doing Time in the Garden by James Jiler

The Fifth Element

Review of Wildwood by Roger Deakin

Build Beautiful

Review of The Green Self-Build Book by Jon Broome


Review of A Year in the Life of an English Meadow by Andy Garnett and Polly Devlin with Chris Smith

Art for Art's Sake

Review of The Gift by Lewis Hyde

On Belonging

Review of That Distant Land by Wendell Berry and The Way of Ignorance by Wendell Berry

Books in Brief , &

Review of (My) Dying is Fun by Christopher Day, World Changing (ed.) Alex Steffen, How Many Lightbulbs Does It Take to Change a Planet? by Tony Juniper, Dharamsala Diaries by Swati Chopra, Green Up! By Will Anderson

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