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Issue 255 • July/August 2009

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Pilgrims or Tourists?

The sacred Earth is a gracious host, but are we prepared to be pilgrim guests rather than tourists?


Why 350 is the most important number in the world.

Language Nests

Indigenous languages are a vital storehouse of knowledge.

The Plight of the Bumblebee

Life as we know it could be wiped out if one species of insect vanishes from our countryside.


Living Within Our Means

The solution to the ultimate recession lies in sustainable capitalism.

The Mother of Beauty

We grow from the compost of those who have died.


As Death Approaches

I can't believe I'm laughing.

Biocultural Diversity

Potent Places

Sacred sites are like a network of acupunture points across the Earth.

Guardians of the Ocean

A passion for riding waves is the perfect way to nurture an ecological conscience.

Creation Story

Human beings can return to the place where the spirit keepers live.

Laws of Origin &

An interview with Macuna Indians from the Colombian Amazon.

The Kiss of Death

Cultivating respect for local traditions amongst tourists to North American sacred sites.

The Eye of Reverence

The sacred landscapes and seascapes of ancient Europe can still be seen by those prepared to look beyond the usual tourist experience.


Farm Freedom

Genetically modified plants and animals have fallen far short of scientists' predictions.

Zero Waste

Our waste is the shadow side of our economy, not the mark of a civilised society.


The bottom-up participatory process that is the Transition Movement.

The Green Response &

A green perspective on the current state of our economy.

The Arts

Music and Place

Has the dislocation of 'world music' from its context led to multicultural mediocrity?

Angels, Birds and Journeys

John Maltby's original and imaginative forms and symbols.


Poetry - New Voices

An Anthology of new poetry.

A Sense of Place - Journey into Silence

Finding solace in the Sinai desert.

Slow Travel - Sahara's Eternal Mirror

Real travel is about being present, feeling alive and relishing every moment.

Short Story - The Lake Fisherman

A stunning lakescape covered in ever-shifting light, wind and rain which lured me back time after time.

Nature Writers - Hymn to Biodiversity

The hypnotic rhythms and luminous incantations of the 18th-century poet Christopher Smart.

Pioneers - Awakening the World

Tackling climate change takes more than just purchasing an electric car.

The Occasional Didymus - Intensive Care

Reflections on over population and heatlhcare.

Letters to the Editors - Architectural Aesthetics


Armchair Travel

Review of Sacred Places: Sites of Spiritual Pilgrimage.

The Phoenix Economy

Review of The Phoenix Economy: 50 Pioneers in the Business of Social Innovation.

Greening the Economic Recovery

Review of The Green Collar Economy: How One Solution Can Fix Our Two Biggest Problems.

Adapt and Survive

Review of The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning.

A Celebration of Place

Review of Connermara: The Last Pool of Darkness.

A Poetics of the Spirit

Review of Hiddenness, Uncertainty, Surprise: Three Generative Energies of Poetry.

Web Exclusives

Review - Elephant Ecosystems

Review of Elephants once ranged throughout most of Asia, but now their habitat is reduced to isolated fragments.

Article - Living Legacies

In Ethiopia people are embracing local and ecological knowledge to protect and enhance the integrity of their land.

Article - Closer to the Sky

Integrating human beings with their non-human parents.

Article - Cultural Crossroads

Sacred sites are the acupunture points of the planet.

Review - Borderline Beings

Review of Plant Lives: Borderline Beings in Indian Traditions.

Review - Declaration of Transition

Review of Sustainability by Design: A Subversive Strategy for Tranforming our Consumer Culture.

Review - A Message from Mars

Review of Hope and the Magic Martian.

Review - Nature and Nonviolence

Review of The World We Have: A Buddhist Approach to Peace and Ecology.

Review - Numbers, Not Adjectives

Review of Sustainable Energy - Without the Hot Air.

Review - Soil Not Oil

Review of Soil Not Oil: Climate Change, Peak Oil and Food Insecurity.

Review - The Deep Woods

Review of Zoro’s Field: My Life in the Appalachian Woods.

Review - The Efficiency Trap

Review of Slow-tech: Manifesto for an Over-wound World.

Review - The Language of Art

Review of Jill Paine: A Life Inspired by Nature, Art and Spirituality.

Review - To Be A Pilgrim

Review of Grace: Pilgrimage for a Future without War.

Review - Toppling the Oligarchs

Review of How the Rich are Destroying the Earth.

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