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Agog at Small Things

Issue 286 • September/October 2014 • Politics of Peace > The Arts

Susanna Bauer's art makes the invisible visible

A Mysterious Partnership

Issue 270 • January/February 2012 • A New Moral Compass > The Arts

Exploring the profound relationship between an artist's head and hands

Members' Page - Tagore and Dartington Exhibition

Issue 266 • May/June 2011 • Tagore - The Big Vision > Regulars > Members' Page

Curating the work of a poet eight times as prolific as Milton was a challenge

Article - Gauguin: The Man Behind the Show

Issue 262 • September/October 2010 • Embodied Wisdom > Web Exclusives > Article

Guaguin produced work of great quality that pushed the boundaries.

Expect the Unexpected

Issue 261 • July/August 2010 • Sustaining Life > Reviews

Review of Modern British Potters and their Studios

In the Footsteps of the Masters

Issue 260 • May/June 2010 • On Being Human > The Arts

Artist Andrew Lacey is finding greener ways to work in bronze.


Issue 257 • November/December 2009 • Resilience & Climate Change > The Arts

Has the commodification of Banksy's art taken the edge off his work?

Angels, Birds and Journeys

Issue 255 • July/August 2009 • Sacred Planet > The Arts

John Maltby's original and imaginative forms and symbols.

Article - Curious Visions

Issue 254 • May/June 2009 • Elegant Simplicity > Web Exclusives > Article

There is something of the visionary in the work of Peter Doig, yet a disquieting sense of tension and expectation permeates his paintings.

Compelling Colours

Issue 253 • March/April 2009 • Economics of Place > The Arts

The work of Mark Rothko.

Land Marks

Issue 252 • January/February 2009 • Nature Crunch: Redesign, Rethink, Reimagine > The Arts

Can art help raise awareness of what we are doing to the Earth?

The Case for Common Sense

Issue 252 • January/February 2009 • Nature Crunch: Redesign, Rethink, Reimagine > Reviews

Review of The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience.

Diverse Artists

Issue 244 • September/October 2007 • The Green Imperative > Reviews

Review of Dialogues in Diversity: Art from Marginal to Mainstream by John K. Grande


Issue 225 • July/August 2004 • Seeds of Life > Reviews

Review of Images of Earth and Spirit: A Resurgence Art Anthology


Issue 181 • March/April 1997 • Land Reform in Britain > Feature Articles

The sculptures of Andy Goldsworthy reflect a deep passion for the natural world

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