Manifesto for A Green Mind

Issue 301 • March/April 2017

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Speaking Peace and Working for It

Nonviolent campaigning can trump violence - here's how


Aviation Set To Take Up Half Britain's Carbon Budget

Campaigners say figures show the need for curbs on growth

Building For the Future - New Solar Tiles and Windows

Advances in technology are moving solar energy into the mainstream

News from the Grassroots &

A round up of environmental news stories

Tree Fellings Prompt Protests In City Streets and Tweets

A controversial programme to remove trees in Sheffield sparks opposition

Peace Museums Gather for Belfast Conference

The 'International Network of Museums for Peace' celebrates its 25th anniversary

Resurgence News and Events

New talks in London, information on the summer camp and an update on the Resurgence auction


Planting Seeds of Resistance and Renewal

Janet Maro is an East African agricultural campaigner making things happen

Soft Songs That Can Yet Sound A New Dawn

British birdsong is a delight to be treasured

Put a Drag on the Rag Trade

Applying the same values to fashion as we do to food would have a huge impact

Manifesto for the Green Mind

Calling for a revolution to bring Nature into our lives

Turning the Tide in a Desert War

Zoologist Susan Canney helps Malian communities fight land degradation and poaching to preserve endangered elephants


The Path of Peace is Rocky, But Still Open

The prospects for nonviolence in a seemingly more dangerous world


The Fight For Beauty

Conservation campaigning is essential for our spiritual as well as our environmental survival

Sweden Begins The Shift From Fast to Thrift

A project to repair, rather than replace, old goods is reducing consumerism

Fragile, Forbidding - But Sacred

The spiritual case for conserving the world's highest regions

Ethical Living

Down The Road

Peering through pollution at possible futures

Uighur Rights Activist Faces Life Sentence

An appeal on behalf of Amnesty International

A Scent of Renewal For the Fragrant Harbour

Fresh shoots are emerging amidst the consumerist bustle of Hong Kong

Washed Up, and Loving It

The tidal romance of Tilly and Cliff

The Fragile Flavours of Hope &

Reflections on the personal and culinary triumphs of women who survived the civil war in Sri Lanka


The World is Rich

A poem from 'Wild' by Ben Okri

The Arts

Fresh Ways of Seeing and Feeling

A major new exhibition on David Hockney opens at Tate Britain

I Think of It Like a Spray From An Ocean Wave

Nitin Sawhney, musician and activist, talks about his life

An Artist Renewed By Time, Earth and Place

A profile of Brian Rice


Poetry - Time to Kiss the Earth again

Celebrating the long-neglected Robinson Jeffers

Letters to the Editors

A selection of letters to our Editors


The System is Broken. What's Next?

Review of Postcapitalism: A Guide To Our Future

A Walk, and Talk, On The Wild Side

Review of Poacher's Pilgrimage: An Island Journey

A Nonviolent Fighter For Rights

Review of Action! A Cleric off the Leash

Our Place in Space and Time

Review of Human Ecology: How Nature and Culture Shaped Our World

Better Together?

Review of The Alternative: Towards a New progressive Politics

Through Glass, Brightly

Review of A Sea of Glass: Searching For the Blaschkas' Fragile Legacy in an Ocean of Risk

Without Them, We're Dead

Review of What Have Plants Ever Done For Us? Western Civilization in Fifty Plants

Home Sweet Eco-Home

Review of Eco-Homes: People, Place and Politics

Web Exclusives

Article - Striving for Independence - What Is It About?

Raül Romeva, the Catalan Minister of Foreign Affairs, explains the reasons behind the calls for Catalan independence

Article - Regenerative Business

Finding ways to change business and industry to create a new, ecologically sustainable future

Review - Be Kind To Our Kind

Review of Animal (De)liberation: Should the Consumption of Animal Products Be Banned?

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