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Cyclones, Speedboats and Rising Tides

Issue 310 • September/October 2018 • Inspired to Action > Ecologist

Ocean conservation will only succeed if local knowledge is valued

Weapons of artistic expression •

Issue 305 • November/December 2017 • Light in Dark Days > The Arts

Profiling artists in war-shattered Mozambique

Planting Seeds of Resistance and Renewal •

Issue 301 • March/April 2017 • Manifesto for A Green Mind > Ecologist

Janet Maro is an East African agricultural campaigner making things happen

The Oil Industry in Africa •

Issue 276 • January/February 2013 • The Tipping Point > Ecologist

The impact of oil exploration in Africa

Learning From Tanzania

Issue 263 • November/December 2010 • Apostles of Beauty > Undercurrents

We could learn from a society that is used to doing without 'stuff'

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