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Author Profile: Gunter Pauli

Gunter Pauli built the first ecological factory, only to realize that his biodegradable soaps relied on palm oil and his rising demand caused the destruction of millions of acres of rainforest. He started redesigning business models at the United Nations University in Tokyo (1994-1997) and pursued his work at the ZERI Foundation. His latest book The Blue Economy: 100 innovations 10 years 100 million jobs - A Report to the Club of Rome is published by RedWing in the USA and has been translated into +30 languages.

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The Strongest Tree •

Issue 274 • September/October 2012 • A Shared Agenda > The Arts

A fable on giving

The Blue Economy •

Issue 263 • November/December 2010 • Apostles of Beauty > Undercurrents

Finding a new economy inspired by the way the ecosystem works

Rainforest Renaissance •

Issue 243 • July/August 2007 • The Point of Return > Keynotes

Re-establishing the rainforests of the Amazon: how Gaviotas moved from a pilot to a mega-project.


Issue 213 • July/August 2002 • Reverential Ecology > Feature Articles

Technological solutions inspired by nature.

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