A Shared Agenda

Issue 274 • September/October 2012

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A Marriage Made in Heaven

How Resurgence and the Ecologist finally tied the merger knot


Resurgence and Ecologist

Setting the environmental agenda


Activism news

The Rio U-turn

Rio+20 will be remembered for what it failed to do

Uniting the Greens

Exploring ways to find common ground within the green movement

My Green Life

An interview with broadcaster John Humphrys

What Price Your Smartphone?

Behind the rise of smartphones, microwave pollution is a serious assault on health

Living Soil

The state of soil in France, Europe's leading agricultural producer

The Elephant in the Room

Why nothing can change until we tackle our exploding population


Action From the Grass Roots

Grass roots initiatives around the globe

Neighbourhood Watch

Reporting on the regeneration of the Philippines' hardwood forests

A Tsunami of Change

From the ashes of Fukushima comes a new drive towards renewable energy

Canal Clean-up

Reporting on Haiti's irrigation systems

Urban Forests

Experimental eco-skyscrapers in Milan

Ethical Living

Regenerating Ecosystems

The challenge of creating truly sustainable cities

A New Agenda

Adaption is the key to survival

Six Thousand Lessons

The real meaning of the word 'diversity'


The Occasional Didymus - Seeing the Joke

Taking a large, sharp pin to the bubble of self-importance

Letters to the Editors - A Missed Opportunity

A selection of letters to our editors

Poetry - Strangely at Home

Peter Abbs discovers a conservationist ethic in the poetry of Adam Thorpe

Members' Page - Nature Writing Competition

Launching the Resurgence Nature Writing essay competition

Members' Page - Reading Resurgence

An interview with eco-poet and community artist Helen Moore

The Arts

A Natural Gallery

A profile of John Nash, artist-in-residence at Kew Gardens

Out of the Wood

Sarah and Anna Gillespie on working with environmental themes in art

An Artist's Journey

It is never too late to pick up a pencil or paintbrush and respond to the world through art

Earth to Earth

Exploring the cycles of nature through film

The Strongest Tree

A fable on giving


Building a Movement

A call for activism 'With One Voice'


Navigating the Storm

How to convert awareness into action

The Value of Beauty

Sharing the vision of The National Trust in celebration of the natural world

Making Life Worth Living

Protecting the countryside is the best way to increase wellbeing for all

Diving into Happiness

Making dreams reality and creating happier futures

The Great Space Myth

Empty promises of space colonies encourage destruction of our own planet


Adorable Plot

Review of The Adorable Plot

True Wellbeing

Review of Religion for Atheists

Genuine Change

Review of The Human Element: Ten New Rules to Kick-start Our Failing Organisations

A Common Thread

Review of Together: The Rituals, Pleasures and Politics of Cooperation

A Buzz of Words

Review of The Bees

Called to Account

Review of Green Philosophy

Lighting up the Room

Review of Made for Goodness: And Why This Makes All the Difference

One Step Ahead

Review of The Activist's Handbook: A Step-by-Step Guide to Participatory Democracy

Learning From Children

Review of Too Much, Too Soon? Early Learning and the Erosion of Childhood

The Arms Trade

Review of The Economics of Killing: How the West Fuels War and Poverty in the Developing World

Web Exclusives

Article - Elements of Existence

Seven ways to view Earthcentrism

Article - Stepping on Land of Ancients

On foot from the sacred site of Silbury Hill to West Kennett Long Barrow

Review - The Art of Leadership

Review of Leading from Example: A Short Guide to the Lessons of Literature

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