Apostles of Beauty

Issue 263 • November/December 2010

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The Power of Arts and Crafts

Artists and artisans are alchemists


Leaving Oil in the Ground

New instruments of cooperation protect planetary ecosystems

Powered by Waste

Creating energy from human excrement

Go Car Share

Social networking takes on a useful new dimension

Produce Your Own Power

Small-scale anaerobic digesters become a reality

The London Orchard Project

Reconnecting urban communities to the joy of growing

Fashion Footprints

Towards a sustainable clothing industry


From Copenhagen to Cancún

We need to convert the nature of business into the business of Nature

The Blue Economy

Finding a new economy inspired by the way the ecosystem works

Down the Dark Mountain

A cultural movement for an age of disruption

Planned Obsolescence

Time to halt the manufacture of shoddy, short-lived goods

Learning From Tanzania

We could learn from a society that is used to doing without 'stuff'


Tao for Troubled Times

The ancient Chinese path that teaches how 'wanting less' becomes so much more


That Pale Blue Dot

The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena

The Craftsman

Craftsmanship names an enduring, basic human impulse


The spectacle of Nature is always new

The Arts

Celebrating Craft

Featuring the work of Nek Chand

Where the Hand has Ears

Craft is the powerful embodiment of the mystical life force

Exquisite Craft

The Story of Charles Ashbee, who led a 19th Century exodus of artisans to the countryside

Potent Pots

A British potter enjoys the 'lively spirit' of everyday ceramics made in North Devon

The Joy of Making

How re-engaging with raw materials can help remind us what is real and what is illusory

Virtuous Bread

Baking bread by hand captures all the virtues of pure craft

Let the Artisans Craft our Future

Perhaps ethical concerns will lead more people to the joy of handmade goods

Craftivism: Photofeature &

From politics to peacemaking, craft has always been about more than creating beauty


Short Story - The Best Christmas Present in the World

A time of peace and goodwill

Projections - The Art of Good Film

Films to inspire, educate and entertain

Recipes - Christmas with all the Trimmings

Traditional Christmas dinner - vegetarian style

Big Foot, Little Foot - Sweet No-Things

The BUD factor: beautiful, useful and durable

Voice From The South - Earth Rights

Our first and highest duty is to take care of Mother Earth

Nature Writers - Notes From Mole End

We must find a way to live as part of nature

The Occasional Didymus - Jobseeker's Allowance

There's so much more to 'livelihood' than employment

Opinion - Going Back to Our Roots &

A response to the Small is Beautiful call from Julian Rose

Letters to the Editors - Making Money

A selection of readers letters

Members' Page - Bee Guardians

A call to join the Global Bee Project

Members' Page - Letter from Satish Kumar

Celebrate Christmas with Resurgence

Members' Page - Festival of Arts, Crafts and Culture

Tagore Festival at Dartington 2011


A Bleak Analysis

Review of Requiem for a Species by Clive Hamilton

Building A Better Society

Review of A Handmade Life by William Coperthwaite

The Real Revolution

Review of How Not to F*** Them Up

Moving Between Worlds

Review of People, Politics and Paintings by Roger Berthoud

Profound Integration

Review of Ted Hughes and Nature by Keith Sagar

Truth is One

Review of What Do the Religions Say about Each Other?

The Power of Enough

Review of Enough is Plenty

Web Exclusives

Article - The Story of Stuff

Annie Leonard reveals her motivation for reducing all the 'stuff' in our world

Article - Dark Mountain Project

Discover the 'Principles of Uncivilisation'

Article - Faking It

Supermarket aethetics and their obsession with perfectly formed vegetables

Article - Breaking the Mould

The power of the unexpected

Article - Micro-hydro in the Lakes

Green energy from a Cumbrian stream

Article - Hemp Cellar

Nature-based technology

Article - Up A Gum Tree

Tasmanian timber company ends old growth logging

Article - Lighting the Darkness

Using the power of the sun to alleviate poverty in Kenya

Article - Healing Herbs

Reconnecting with traditional methods of healthcare through education and the creation of family herb gardens

Article - The Wheel of the Year

Earth Pathways collective inspire positive change through connection with the land and changing seasons

Article - School Battery Boxes

Recycling initiative for local schools

Article - School Flower Flutter Programme

Biodiversity and ecological education in schools

Article - Peru Protects Endangered Birds

Community-owned conservation areas granted approval

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