Issue 264 • January/February 2011

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We Are All Leaders

True leadership is focused on inspiration, motivation and right action


The Plastic Beach

It is necessary to rethink the 'story of packaging'

Rice Power

Waste not, want not

Green Cuisine

Mumbai's first veg box scheme

Rainforest Sequestration

Building an element of climate protection into electricity provision

Tribal Tribulations

Indigenous rights prevail over corporate greed

Postcards From The Future

Climate change - coming to a town near you


The Paradox of Price

Why we cannot afford to forget the benefits of Nature's capital


Water Supports Life

Water is a metaphor to explain the ideal form of leadership

Maasai Leadership

Insights into respectful leadership


Gentle Stewardship

How humility and shared responsibility will better serve our planet

Inspiring Leadership

Environmental leaders need a big vision alongside local action

The Power of Language

A good leader chooses the right words to inspire and encourage us

One Planet Leaders &

A new kind of leadership requires a new kind of training

The Making of Harmony

Inspired by the vision of harmony promoted by HRH The Prince of Wales

Leaders as Dreamers

Introducing a trio of young and inspiring change-makers

Maverick Leadership

Eden Founder Tim Smit on the need for a new, radical leadership

A Lifetime of Activism

Profile of activist Karl Jaeger, who teaches that collaboration must replace competition

Coming of Age

In talking about 'environmentalism' we must not neglect animals

Fight the Good Fight

Film-maker and 10:10 pioneer Franny Armstrong on what drives her campaigning


From Hero to Host &

Our new leaders will need to be 'hosts', not heroes

The Arts

Art in Nature

Yorkshire Sculpture Park director, Peter Murray, shares his vision of working with art and Nature


Projections - The Hero's Journey

We are all the heroes of our personal journeys

Recipes - The Tale of the Octopus

Taking the leap into a vegan diet

Big Foot, Little Foot - A Cosy Home

Insulating British homes will cut the national carbon footprint by 10%

Voice From The South - Who Will Feed the World?

Women are the biodiversity experts of the world

Slow Travel - Homeward Bound

Happiness can be found anywhere when your mind is at rest

Gardening - Gardening in Rotation

Gardening is a continuum of cultivating, planting and harvesting

Letters to the Editors - Leading the Way

A selection of letters from our readers

Poetry - Unexpected Weather

The work of Abi Curtis explores the mysteries of the natural world, and our place within it

Members' Page - Speaking Out

Featuring extracts from the new Resurgence blogs

Poetry - Global Warning

There's still time to undo the damage done to the Earth


Conflict Resolution

Review of The Oxford International Encyclopedia of Peace

An Energising Vision

Review of Full Circle: My Life and Journey by Ellen MacArthur

Unhurried Existence

Review of The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elisabeth Tova Bailey

Elusive and Intangible

Review of Turning Silk: A Diary of Chen Taiji Practice, the Quan of Change by Kinthissa

Earth's Immune System

Review of Weeds by Richard Mabey

Survival of the Gentlest

Review of The Art of Ageing by John Lane

The Fundamental Duality

Review of A complete Guide to the Soul by Patrick Harpur

Web Exclusives

Article - Leading in Kibera

The founder of Carolina for Kibera, Kenya, tells his story

Article - Anything is Possible

A young Igorot leader from the Philippines talks about a new kind of leadership

Article - New Generation Leadership

The founder of UK-based Foodcycle shares his passion and vision

Article - Huichol Indian Art

Exploring the sacred meaning behind the Huichol yarn painting of José Benítez Sánchez

Article - The Resurgence Story

Celebrating 45 years of publication, Resurgence connects us to each other and the Earth.

Review - Living Water

Review of The Story of Water: Source of Life

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