What Comes Next?

Issue 268 • September/October 2011

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A New Paradigm

Our work must be based in harmony and wholeness


Greed for Gas

Climate-change activists issue an urgent call for a moratorium on shale-gas extraction in the UK

Grief for our Lost Species

Paying tribute to the myriad extinct species

To Buy or Not To Buy?

Can supermarkets ever be good for the environment?


Poetry - Roll Up! Roll UP!

Planet for Sale

Voice From The South - The Emperor Has No Clothes

Genetic Engineering has not increased the yield of a single crop

Pioneers - New Voices

Climate change champion Kirsty Schneeberger explains Think2050

Gardening - The Middle Ground

Transforming an inner-city wild space into a much-loved community garden

Opinion - Environmental Justice

Greater awareness of environmental damage should be reflected in environmental sentencing

A Sense of Place - A Feast of a Find

In a city that can feel cool and aloof the local market provides a warm welcome

The Occasional Didymus - The Game's the Thing

Holding out hope that sport is still a gentlemanly pursuit

Letters to the Editors - Changing the World

A selection of letters to our Editors

Poetry - Room for the Soul

The Poetry of Glyn Hughes

Members' Page - Resurgence in East Devon

Celebrations and projects of the Resurgence East Devon group


New Frontiers

What is our proper relationship with Nature?


One Humanity

We are all inhabitants of the Earth, citizens of the wide world

Now, Prepare Yourselves

Extract from the official poem for President Clinton's inauguration on 20 January 1993


What Comes Next?

On why there's still a good chance we can save our magnificent Earth

Rethinking the Season

Being fashionable shouldn't mean destroying the planet

Enchanting Forests

Why the plan to sell off our national forests triggered a monumental outcry

Beauty & Wellbeing

In dialogue with the Conservative MP Oliver Letwin

Challenging the Greens

How much progress have we really made, and what should we be doing next?

Asking the Big Questions

Where to look for big answers

Biocultural Diversity

Which Way Now?

Photo feature on the difficult choices facing not just Africa, but all of us

The Arts

Louder Than Words

The silencing of the artist Ai Weiwei and why we must all speak out

A Sense of Home

The forgotten etchings of the potter Bernard Leach capture the spirit of Japan

Painter as Storyteller

Profiling the powerful work of Wynn Jones


Playing with Light

Review of The Colour of Time by Garry Fabian Miller and Susan Derges' Elemental

Behind the Mask

Review of Economics Unmasked: From Power and Greed to Compassion and the Common Good

Life Unplugged

Review of The Winter of Our Disconnect

Bigger Stakes

Review of Ending the Global Casino?

Theft is Theft

Review of Common as Air: Revolution, Art and Ownership

Art's Evolutionary Roots

Review of The Art Instinct

Living in Harmony

Review of Walking Wisdom: Three Generations, Two Dogs, and the Search for a Happy Life

A World Made Green

Review of Tall Timber

Master of Alchemy

Review of The Magic Mirror: Thoughts and Reflections on Cecil Collins

Web Exclusives

Article - Transcending Cultural Stress

Positive suggestions for enjoying the moment

Article - Reflections

More and more people see themselves as pilgrims rather than tourists

Article - To Realise What You Live For

Slow travel around the Cornish Coast

Article - Metaphor of Faith

Let us be modern pilgrims with new visions

Review - The Mystery of Life

Review of The Bluff Detector: Stories, Dreams and Rivers of Change

Article - Healing the UK Riots

We all have the capacity to help transform violence and bring about positive change in society

Article - What Has Become of Us?

A historical perspective on the recent unrest in the UK

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