The Ecozoic Era

Issue 279 • July/August 2013

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The Ecozoic Era

We are not in the Anthropocene Epoch, but entering into the Ecozoic Era


Action From the Grass Roots

Grass roots initiatives around the globe

The Birds and the Bees

New research shows 'bees poison' affects birds too

Out of the Frying Pan

Burning wood is not the solution to climate change


Sowing the Seeds of Change

New initiatives in Senegal tackling desertification

Why Are We Eating the Amazon?

Attitudes to consumption and deforestation are changing, but will it be enough?

Movement for Change

Environmentalists are working together to present a shared vision for change

The Magic of Moths

The phenomenon of disappearing moths

The Language of Wolves

There's more at stake in wolf conservation than the survival of this species

Working for People and Planet

Explaining the thinking behind Friends of the Earth's Resource Use Programme

My Green Life

An interview with poet and conservationist Ruth Padel



The strange beauty of mushrooms

99 words

Taking Time

Ethical Living

A Healthy Economy

A healthy financial system should allow for decay and renewal

Spirituality in Health Care

Offering spiritual support to patients gives better outcomes for all

Summer Dreams

The art of botanical cooking

A Spirited Debate

Does whisky, like wine, have a terroir?


From Fragmentation to Wholeness

Championing the indigenous way of intuitive knowledge


Latent Healing

Technology could be better used to support the intelligence of Nature

Ecological Economics

Introducing a new series to show that economics need not be a dismal science

Sustainable Wellbeing

Outlining a new economic paradigm

Earth Paradise

A flight of fictional fantasy to the moon reveals the true majesty of the Earth

Agents of Change

What it means to be part of the Earth

Perennial Wisdom

Making time to reconnect with our spiritual roots


Letters to the Editors

A selection of letters from our readers


A brain teaser full of ecological clues

Nature Writing Competition

Wild Wales

Capturing the whispers of old drovers on bare hills

In Search of Ramonda

Weaving beauty, quest and history in a botanical adventure

I Will Remember

Echoes of a long-abandoned way of life on Bodmin Moor

My Allotment

Sharing a passion for a plot of land


The Sovereignty of Silence

Review of The Power of Silence: The Riches That Lie Within

A Sense of Vocation

Review of The Case for Working with Your Hands: Or Why Office Work is Bad for Us and Fixing Things Feels Good

Radiant Silence

Review of Sightlines

Allegorical Storytelling

Review of The Lion's World: A Journey into the Heart of Narnia

Another Education

Review of The Life and Death of Secondary Education for All

The Path Less Travelled

Review of The Art of Mindful Walking: Meditations on the Path

Web Exclusives

Article - Bridging Tradition with Modernity

How an ancient process for resolving conflict can help with 21st century challenges

Article - A Universal Spirit

Why we should all live by one golden rule

Review - An Act of Love

Review of A Gift for the Magus

Review - Human-Nature Continuum

Review of Entanglements: New Ecopoetry

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