Days of Hope

Issue 296 • May/June 2016

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A Milestone on Our Journey

Reflections on 50 years of Resurgence


50th Anniversary Event

Worcester College, Oxford, hosts One Earth, One Humanity, One Future

The Microplastic Threat to Our Oceans

Reporting on a women's expedition to assess pollution in the tropical Atlantic

News from the Grassroots

Reports from around the world

Probe Alpha Protest Launches Into Space

Reclaiming a city's open spaces


Why I Risked Jail for My Beliefs

Environmental protester, Kara Moses, explains the convictions that led her to occupy an airport runway

COP-out in Paris?

Reflecting on the shortcomings of the climate change deal

Gandhi's Ghani

India's farmers face a new threat - to traditional oil-pressing


A Voice for Our Times

The message of Resurgence is as important as ever

Days of Hope and False Dawns

50 years of environmental change

In the Beginning Were the Words

Poet and campaigner Michael Horovitz recalls the birth of Resurgence

Founding Figures and Guiding Lights

Profiled: some remarkable contributors to the Resurgence story

Hold the Front Page

Memorable covers from our early days

Sharing Our Views of the World

Reflecting on a much-needed forum for intellectual exchange

The Challenges Ahead , , , &

Bill McKibben, Helena Norberg-Hodge, Jeremy Seabrook, Herbert Girardet and Craig Bennett on the coming agenda for environmentalists and campaigners for social justice


Buddhist Economics

Marking our half-century, a reprint of the classic essay by E F Schumacher

A Year in Fragments

Extracts from newly published notes by the naturalist Roger Deakin with an introduction by Robert Macfarlane

Ethical Living

War is Hell: We Must Stop It

We can enjoy Tolstoy's great story, but we should also heed his message

Hops and Dreams

Sharing a vision for the future

Indonesian Religious Minority Forced From Their Homes

Amnesty International Appeal

Finding A Balance

Advocating a more holistic attitude towards food

Dark Mutter

A word of subatomic warning for the scientists

Austerity is Not a Dirty Word

Campaigns against spending cuts must not imply a return to unsustainable economic growth

The Arts

An Eye Born Of Sky, Light and Sea

The paintings of Jon Schueler

Natural Magic

The photography of William Henry Fox Talbot


Poetry - Who Owns the Field?

New poetry by Jane Clarke

Letters to the Editors

A selection of letters from our readers


A brainteaser full of ecological clues


Putting Plants in their Proper Place

Review of The Cabaret of Plants: Botany and the Imagination

One Touch of Nature

Review of Shakespeare and Ecology

Going With the Grain

Review of The Man Who Made Things out of Trees

Feats of Clay

Review of The White Road: A Pilgrimage of Sorts

Rites to Touch the Sacred

Review of Re-enchanting the Forest: Meaningful Ritual in a Secular World

Slashing, Burning, Learning?

Review of Foragers, Farmers and Fossil Fuels: How Human Values Evolve

Web Exclusives

Review - The Coming of the Greens &

Review of Green Parties, Green Future: From Local Government to the International Stage

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