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Author Profile: Barry Lopez

Barry Lopez is the author of a dozen books, including Desert Notes, Of Wolves and Men and Arctic Dreams (for which he won a National Book Award). His latest book, About This Life: Journeys on the Threshold of Memory, is published by Knopf.

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Six Thousand Lessons •

Issue 274 • September/October 2012 • A Shared Agenda > Ethical Living

The real meaning of the word 'diversity'

Faithkeeper •

Issue 250 • September/October 2008 • Indigenous Intelligence: Diverse Solutions for the 21st Century > Interview

An interview with the wisdom-carrier Oren Lyons.


Issue 219 • July/August 2003 • A time to heal > Feature Articles

Immersed in the unity of organisms.


Issue 192 • January/February 1999 • The Language of Animals > Feature Articles

Wild animals are lean. They have no burden of possessions, no need for extra clothing, eating utensils or elaborate dwellings.

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