The Green Imperative

Issue 244 • September/October 2007

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Ecology and economy.


Life on an Island

The struggle to keep Manor Garden Allotments alongside the 2012 Olympic Games site.

Big Green Taxi

Fuel-efficient hybrid taxis in New York City.

Making a Difference

Kiva: a micro-finance initiative that allows people in the global North to support those in the South.

Slow Money

Using local money to fund local projects in the UK.


Earth Community

A vast new orientation to the universe and to the Earth will be needed to reorient the human community towards a viable future.

Defining Sustainability

Sustainability calls for a deep transformation in all aspects of human activity including our worldview, our values, our technology and our governance.


Kicking the Carbon Habit

A transition to a lower-energy path would improve the quality of life for most people in the industrialised world.

Carbon Descent

The Transition Movement is a local solution to the twin threats of climate change and peak oil.

Green Imperatives

What is the Question?

Asking the right questions about carbon emissions will enable us to make the changes we need without becoming mired in endless delays.

New Role for the WTO

If the World Trade Organization were to put the environment above free trade we could begin to make the significant changes needed to live sustainably on the Earth.

Green Tax Switch

Addressing the current taxation regime in the UK could dramatically accelerate the process of reducing UK carbon emissions.

Decentralise Energy

Widespread decentralisation of our energy production systems will enable us to participate in more efficient production and use of energy.

A Policy Package

An environmental policy package will help to avert multiple systems collapse and enable us to meet the targets in the Stern Review.

The Carbon Levy

We need to shift taxation away from personal earnings onto pollution and greenhouse gases.

From Compromise to Limits

Leaders need to work within legally binding frameworks, based on the latest climate science, that enforce annual carbon reduction targets.

True Security

The money wasted by the UK on replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system would be better spent tackling climate change - the real threat to our security.

The Arts


A tribute to the great Persian poet Rumi.

Subtle Vibrancy

Shanti Panchal's multi-layered watercolour paintings evoke the paradox of the human heart.


Seed, Peter Randall-Page's massive granite sculpture at the Eden Project, is inspired by numerical relationships in Nature: the Fibonacci series.

Craft: Great Gig

Maurice Hunkin is a traditional craftsman whose pilot gigs are works of art.


Slow Travel - Circling Home

One man's vow to spend a year in one locality in the Pacific Northwest of America.

Recipes - Lost Vegetable

We could grow more vegetable varieties in the UK. Faro in a pan, with artichokes and leek sprouts.

The Occasional Didymus - Floored

If you were looking for wise counsel, would you contact a politician?

Voice From The South - Village Victory

The emergence of Earth Democracy in the village of Nandigram, Bengal.

Sensible Solutions - The Car Inefficiency Levy

Until we hold car manufacturers accountable for the pollution their products cause, we will not begin to address their impact on climate change and ecosystems.

Perspectives - Plastic Bags

The environmental impact of our profligate lifestyles has far more to do with what we put into our shopping bags than with the bags themselves.

Visionaries - Thomas Berry: A New Moses?

Thomas Berry leads us into a land of renewed communication with other beings and other species.

Pioneers - Peace One Day

Jeremy Gilley campaigned to make 21st September the United Nations International Day of Peace.

The Long View - The Whale Beach

The deep ecological meaning of a beach.

Letters to the Editors


In My Own Words: The Energy Challenge

Review of Future World by Geoffrey Haggis: zero-carbon life will be delightful!

In My Own Words: Creating Partnerships

Review of When we get down to basics, it's all about relationships.

Forward to Nature

Review of The Bloodless Revolution: Radical Vegetarians and the Discovery of India by Tristram Stuart

Save the Turtle

Review of Voyage of the Turtle: In Pursuit of the Earth's Last Dinosaur by Carl Safina

Selling the Sky

Review of Carbon Trading by Larry Lohmann

Seeding the Future

Review of A Safe and Sustainable World: The Promise of Ecological Design by Nancy Jack Todd

A Practice of Equanimity

Review of The Slapton Ley Project by Sarah Gillespie

The Nature of Water

Review of Viktor Schauberger: A Life of Learning from Nature by Jane Cobbald

Diverse Artists

Review of Dialogues in Diversity: Art from Marginal to Mainstream by John K. Grande

Ghosts over the Lawn

Review of Birds with a Broken Wing by Adam Thorpe

Web Exclusives


Peace and security issues are highlighted as tribal peoples attempt to adapt to a fast warming climate.

Article - CLAYMAN

Andrew Wood sees himself as a “clayman” – which is a register of how, for more than thirty years, clay has been his medium and everything he has needed in order to exercise and find his way with his extraordinary skills as modeller, carver and painter.


The Life and Work of Sylvia von Hartmann


There is no point in innovation for its own sake – innovation must have a purpose. Innovation in the food industry is actually damaging the quality of food.

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